House Democrats’ New Game Plan

House Democrats are preparing for a big change in the lower chamber after Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her deputies announced that they would be stepping back and allowing a new generation of Democrats to rise in the ranks.

Three younger House lawmakers have announced that they would be running for the Democratic leadership. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) is currently the only one to bid for Pelosi’s seat, while Katherine Clark (R-MA) and Pete Aguilar (D-CA) are vying for the No. 2 and No. 3 positions, respectively.

The three followed a similar line of messaging in their letter sent to the Democratic caucus on Friday morning. In the letter, they wrote that as the “next generation of leadership” they would make sure that unity in the caucus was a top priority. This would also mean unity for all members from Blue Dog Democrats to the Progressive Caucus. They also noted that their main priority was going to be combatting and fighting against the Republican agenda.

They noted that given the nature of MAGA Republicans who often tend to be the loudest voices in their party, it will be up to the Democrats not only to govern but also to push back against Republicans.
Jeffries, the New York Democrat, who currently serves as the House Democratic Conference chairman, also noted the many successes of the past few years and credited Pelosi and Minority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (D-SC), for helping him prepare for the role.

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  1. The “New and Allegedly Improved Members of the Democratic Party” need to push back against the MAGA part of the Republican Party, which is the most powerful!!

    Yes, God forbid that we Americans have a secured border, safe streets, a strong economy that has set record growth, and didn’t withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving Americans, allies, 86-billion dollars of military weapons, and leave our billion(s) of dollars in taxpayer paid for military base that is now occupied by our enemy, China!

    I think the Democratic Nazicrat Party has tried to censor conservatives who disagree with their Anti-American values, views, and policies! Yeah, it’s Trump who has been destroying our country (sarcasm)!!!!

    • Which of the two major American political parties is showing the following dictatorial tendencies (A hint–it isn’t the Democrats)

      A Leader who is a pathologically dishonest and corrupt sociopath;
      A stab-in-the-back myth;
      A personality cult of The Leader, a would-be messiah claiming to lead his people back to a glorious past (actually it never existed, but that’s beside the point);
      Demanding a Fuhrer Oath of unconditional loyalty to The Leader, and refusing to provide it an act of treason;
      America must be redeemed and restored, if necessary by violence;
      Fear, hate, and grievance and the grudges of The Leader as central points of identity and ideology;
      Claims the country is overrun with traitors and conspiracies, all part of a globalist plot to undermine true Americans;
      The Leader’s enemies are the nation’s enemies;
      The proper if not central role of government is to punish those who disagree with The Leader
      Racism (White people are actually the victims);
      Blood and soil nativism and hostility to minorities rather than e pluribus unum.(Third-world foreigners are coming here to take our jobs, kill us, and replace us);
      Xenophobia (the world–except for Putin–is out to screw us);
      Using lying as a strategy rather than a tactical expedient, especially repeated Big Lies (there was a Deep State plot against The Leader, the election was stolen from The Leader, the Democrats are all pedophiles, ..);
      Truth is what The Leader says it is, even if he changes his mind every ten minutes;
      A political organization should exist to flatter the vanity and ego of The Leader and carry out his whims;
      What is good for The Leader is the Public good;
      Loves rallies to flatter the vanity and ego (and the wallet) of The Leader;
      The Leader should be a law unto himself (“Absolute immunity”), unaccountable to anyone—laws are for other people;
      Suspicion/rejection of expertise, especially of scientists that tells them things they don’t want to hear;
      Obsession with strength or the appearance of strength (masks make The Leader look weak);
      Cruelty for the sake of cruelty—it’s a demonstration of strength;
      Elections aren’t honest and legitimate unless The Leader’s party runs them and wins them;
      Reserves the right to threaten and use intimidation and violence if they don’t get what they want;
      Demagogic oratory;
      The proper role of the legislature, judiciary, and the media is to unquestioningly support The Leader.

      Maybe not quite fascism, but getting ominously close. Scary.

      Full disclosure–I voted straight Republican from Reagan until the Tea Party lunatics took over the Republicans.

      • TRM, your record as a liberal Democratic idiot still stands. You have a long list of complaints that better describes Biden, Obama, and Hilary. The most blatantly obvious of your pathetic claims is there’s not ONE example of President Trump committing any of your made up phony claims! You remind me of the Democratic National Nazicrat Party’s complicit Fake News Media, who pushes their constant stream of lies!

        TRM, keep up the good work, you’re still not learning a damn thing and you’re still a progressive liberal moron!

  2. Uh….you described DUM-O-RATS!!….( Insert OBYSMAL, Bill “The RAPER”, HOR-Liary, and “China Joe” BIDET where appropriate…;-)…BTW…You were NEVER a Reagan supporter to post the LIES you posted!!

  3. I was going to voice the same response as Chaz with one exception Biden isn’t going to take us.back to the wonderful country I grew up in, he wants to take us into greeness in a world with no energy, no mobility, no food and no freedom. I hope TRM will wake up!

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