Tension Grows Between McConnell And Graham

Following the Senate GOP’s leadership election, the tension between Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), former President Trump’s closest ally in the Senate, has been brewing.

Graham, one of the Senate’s highest-profile Republicans, has been critical of McConnell’s leadership, a position that the two men discussed during a private meeting this week. It is important to note that Graham voted for Sen. Rick Scott (Fla.) in the Senate Republican leadership election because he believed a change was necessary.

However, this move just led to Graham being criticized by Josh Holmes, McConnell’s former chief of staff and campaign manager, on Wednesday evening. Some Republican senators saw Holmes’s tweets as a direct result of Graham’s criticisms of McConnell’s strategy during the Republican senators’ private meeting in which the results of the midterm elections were greatly discussed.

Many GOP lawmakers and aides also noted that this was a sign that those who actively challenged or spoke against McConnell would likely have to face criticism from others in McConnell’s political network.

In his tweet, Holmes noted that Graham did not have a clear position regarding immigration reforms, which was most likely a big issue for GOP voters. This is despite Graham previously stating the importance of securing the border. As Holes pointed out, Graham had previously co authored the comprehensive immigration reform bill the Senate passed in 2013. This bill provides a pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrants.

Holmes added that for the first half of his career Graham had been a proponent of amnesty.

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  1. It is past time for McConnell to go, he has been there too long and someone else should have a chance to help this country. McConnell has not done a very good job in he past.

  2. As I said McConnell isn’t royalty for Americans people for many’s years dealing with democrats compromised many important issuers as double cross plots to its own party’s pursued his own personal interest depends on his Chinese families compromised with Pelosi and Schumer in many’s radical policies surely as own party’s traitor not going to help decent Republicans as longtime majority in cracked leadership in other words Republicans still haven’t clean up all the cancerous corrosive in this country’s clearly is all the problems of doubted if continually on Rino sides as splendor fully push none comments sense in principle operations Americans futures were goes dark in flames as loser just like democrats did to this nations !

  3. Both McConnell and Graham need to leave the Senate. Most conservatives have seen these two guys gather up other Rhinos to pass the Democratic Communist Party’s Anti American policies! They say one thing and swear they will get to the bottom of it, yet they do NOTHING!

    Additionally, what these weak and spineless Republican politicians don’t seem to understand is it’s not them that the conservative voters are behind for getting things done from 2016 to 2020! It was President Trump who accomplished all his campaign promises, with all the Never Trumper’s and moronic liberal democrats, along with their complicit fake news media outlets and Big Tech platforms!

    Republican politicians better start SUPPORTING TRUMP, instead of this bs push for Ron DeSantis! The Florida governor learned how to fight back from watching how ferocious President Trump fought the insanity from the left and Rhinos!

    Republican politicians better understand that they better quit telling their constituents who to support as their leader! It’s not DeSantis, it’s President Trump! We have seen Trump’s accomplishments and we ALL SAW HIS 2020 SECOND TERM ELECTION GET STOLEN FROM HIM BY ANTI AMERICAN AZZWHOLES! What the Republican Party members need to be working on right now is guaranteeing a true and FAIR ELECTION and every seat that was stolen by Democrats in the 2022 midterms. Without that the Democrats will steal the 2024 election too.

  4. McConnell believes in one thing, keeping himself in power. If it helps conservatives along the way, he’s for it. If not, he will say the conservatives are wrong and should be for it. He’s just a less showy Trump. They like each other as long as it serves their own purpose. But if anyone condemns or disagrees with 1% of their message, they’re toast.

  5. Time for McConnell to go. I refused to donate to the Republican Party during the midterms opting instead to donate to candidates directly because of McConnell

  6. The whole world is coming into our country unchecked and by 2024 or sooner, all will be lost….America cannot sustain and support the whole world………….A likely massive depression even before 2024.. chaos………
    Bye, bye Miss American Pie………We are crashing fast.. soon there will be epic terrorist attacks
    by unchecked terrorists coming in… Can someone find a way to stop this insanity???????????

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