Trump Erupts On Biden’s DOJ

Former President Trump on Friday criticized the Justice Department for appointing a special counsel responsible for overseeing the two criminal investigations against him. Trump noted that he was unwilling to “partake” in the investigations.

Trump during an interview with Fox News Digital, said that the special counsel appointment had been politically motivated. This statement comes despite the fact that Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced this decision and presented it as a way of ensuring independence ahead of a potential 2024 presidential match between former President Trump, who has already launched his 2024 presidential campaign, and President Biden who has frequently noted that he is set on pursuing reelection.

In the interview, Trump added that he has had to face this type of prosecution for six years. Trump has often referred to the investigations against him as a “Witch hunt”. He added that he hoped to see Republicans fighting this decision. He continued to say that he would not “partake” in any investigation.

Trump announced his plans to place another bid for the White House on Tuesday evening, from his Mar-a-Lago home.

On Friday he also noted that he had never heard of something similar happening. He added that in all of the years they have been investigating him they have been unable to find anything, which is why they are now bringing “some guy who hates Trump”.

Garland appointed Jack Smith, a longtime prosecutor and current war crimes investigator, to oversee the two investigations against the former President. One of the cases relates to the documents seized from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, while the other relates to potential attempts to stop the peaceful transfer of power, and related to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol attack.

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    • You mean the false claims that he illegally posted classified docs? Like the false claims he colluded with Russia or that he improperly influenced Ukrainian . . All the false claim witch hunt claims have been proven false as obviously the illegal raid on his home will prove to be another baseless witch hunt!

      • No you are wrong – just denying that it happened doesn’t make it so.You poor fools are so deluded by Trump that even when he tells you he’s screwing you over you don’t believe it. You are a ship of fools.

    • What is the explanation of the classified documents in relation to classified documents held by past presidents and those “destroyed” by the secretary of state where no crimes were committed.

    • This is the only thing Democrats can do attack trump
      They are lost at running the country.
      Disaster after disaster. Witch hunt after witch hunt. A waste c of tax payers money. We have the house
      Back pay will be a bitch!? Jw

      • No, he CANNOT unilaterally do so. He can request and order that a document be declassified. BUT, there are strict protocols that must be followed and DOCUMENTED; NONE of which Trump ever pursued. He simply thought the classification AWAY. That is ABSOLUTELY delusional and nonsensical.

        • Bill, you’re 100% wrong, a sitting president CAN declassify any document he wants. Simple “Protocol or Procedure”does not amount to a criminal act. To make a criminal case out of President Trump storing some declassified documents in his home, which is secured by the Secret Service is laughable. No INTENT of any wrongdoing!

          Additionally Bill, you have obviously missed what’s known in law as “Precedents” which refers to previous court rulings on same or similar grounds. Since it’s very apparent you have zero understanding of criminal law, and there is no precedence or similar case law, it would work in Trumps favor if AG Garland is making a simple process act, a political action. Garland is an obvious leftist liberal activist AG, but he should know he’s doesn’t have a case and if he goes forward with this political bs case, he will end up looking even more biased and stupid than he already has!

          Examples of DOJ making no indictments of previous presidents is former President Clinton keeping classified recordings and documents in his sock drawer in his residence. Another is Obama having over 30,000 classified and unclassified documents, where some were shipped and stored in an unsecured furniture store?!

          Since AG Garland or his weaponized FBI hasn’t leaked that Trump has done anything with the documents of a felonious nature I would doubt Garland would be stupid enough, although he is a liberal like you Bill, to try to make a case out of a simple process action, where the Feds were already in contact with Trump and he complied with their instructions. Unless the Judge is a Obama or Clinton appointed judge, I would imagine the case would be unheard or dismissed, due to insufficient evidence of a criminal intent or act.

          I hope I helped educate you Bill on legal matters so you don’t go onto these sites and make a complete idiot out of yourself. Happy Holidays Billy Bob…

  1. “This “Witch Hunt” has to stop! America looks like a 3rd World Country! The Leftist Cabal liberals can not tolerate a Good Conservative as President! Where is the Justice????

    • So everybody’s tired of it but nobody standing up and fighting they just watch watch we had to fight for our freedom numerous times in this country don’t you think it’s about time again

      • Oh, Blackeye – you sound like a seditionist – this is a democracy well and alive – maybe you need to get a lawyer- you sound like the punk asses on Jan. 6. Shame

    • Stop your whining. This will all stop when you weak minded republicans stop praying to Trump the Traitor. He does not care about this country – only how he can make a dollar. The pig is going to jail.

    • many of them could have been put there by the invaders on order from Biden to nail him to keep him from running against him in 24. I believe we will see a lot of this type of thing by the left

  2. Trump declassified those documents before he left the WH. Why aren’t they going after Obama and the Clintons for all the thousands of classified documents they took when they left the WH?

    • FALSE NEWS. Check the facts. Obama took NO classified documents when he left the WH. The media reports on the documents moved to cChicago have continually been only marginally correct at best, attempting to making Trump’s document theft look normal. It isn’t NORMAL, it’s TREASON,

    • Trump, even as President, had no direct authority to blanket declassify ANYTHING, much less thinking about made it declassified. He could request that such information be declassified by the originator and then there are strict protocols that must be followed and documented to declassify ANY classified documents. No records exist that Trump even initiated such documentation protocols.

  3. This is simply a coyote yapping at the moon. Had anyone other than Trump or any other ex-president had the classified documents he had at Mar-a-lago they would be in prison without bail under indictments for treason. Trump is also guilty of significant violations of the Presidential Records Act. Virtually all of the documents thus far recovered belong to the USA, not to Trump, and should have been placed in the Nat’l Records Archive. What a cry baby! Typical Trump reaction to anything or anyone who challenges him.

  4. Mr. Spence:
    Who said they were illegally possessed? Please refrain from such comments unless you have total proof.
    There is evidence that those documents are legally owned.
    President Donald J Trump made America truly great and if he was still in the White House, America
    would even be greater. No one can deny that. Being energy independent would have enhanced our power in the world. Beyond anything ever in America. We would be supplying the world all energy sources.
    Look what we have now. Biden is begging our enemies for oil and depleting our oil reserves.
    Please…wake up and think. Donald Trump proved his benevolence in many ways throughout his life.
    The recipients of his benevolence were truly grateful.
    No one on this planet has been through so much hell and still is going through the wrath of his detractors.
    They won’t quit until they make it so he can’t run again.
    Melania was the most gracious and beautiful first lady America ever had. Period.

    • What evidence that Trump owned ANY of these documents ? Under the Presidential Records Act, EVERY, repeat EVERY, scrap of paper produced in the WH by and for the President belong the the National Archives, NOT to the outgoing President. Any evidence that anything else has occurred would be very interesting if you shared. Nothing has been produced that has stated that these documents belong to Trump except his say-so, totally unverified. As of now Trump stands guilty at the very least of multiple acts against the Presidential Records Act.

      • Really??? Then how do you explain them taking passports and pieces of clothing??? I guess those are not personal items in your mind not to mention personal handwritten notes. These were things listed by the Democrats mainstream media…but then we all know who they cover-up and lie for and it certainly is not Trump.

  5. Bill you don’t know what you’re talking about president Trump is the most Loyal President we have ever had
    and did an Awesome job while in the White House.
    Now we have an Idiot as President with a Laughing
    Woman as VP. President Trump has been abused by
    every Rat in Washington D.C. let alone every Radical
    News Station. They hate him because he cannot be
    Bought, like all the other Rich Politicians and backstabbers , get a life and let him alone Already

  6. Fellow conservatives, don’t worry about these two liberal retard posters, named CHRIS & BILL. Just look at them as the Village Idiots, who belong to the Democratic Nazicrat Party and their propaganda fake news media outlets!

    These two pathetic idiots obviously only receive their information from news media outlets such as MSNDC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS….etc! Their moronic posts prove my point, due to the fact that Dumb and Dumber are so horribly misinformed, dishonest, and completely ignorant!

  7. If there was a crime they would have arrested him already. Media would have a frenzy because they have tried to get him from day one of his presidency. If he is guilty then what are they waiting for? They are still searching for a crime under every rock. If there is crimes he should be punished and so should every other Politician. We know that won’t happen. It’s all about throwing mud and seeing what sticks.

  8. Get a life. Ask Obummer were he his SS number. Ask dip ———— why he was taking a shower with daughter?. Ask him why he threatened Ukrain to remove a prosecutor ? Ask Garland why made parents who went to school board meetings Terrorist ? Ask Bubba why he went on a private jet with young girls ? Ask Pelosi who was in the car with husband ?

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