Bill Barr Guarantees Trump Will Lose

Donald Trump has been facing a lot of criticism from prominent Republicans, including those who had previously served in his administration. Former Attorney General William Barr in a recent interview noted that Trump is “obviously” not in a position to unite the GOP.

Following the results of the 2022 midterm elections, Trump has faced backlash from both Republicans and those in conservative media, as many see the poor quality of Trump-endorsed candidates as the primary reason why so many key races were lost. According to an analysis by The New York Times, Trump’s endorsements amounted to a 5-point penalty in most House races.

In an interview with PBS News, Barr noted that Trump clearly “failed” and it was time for other GOP politicians to step up and help lead the party. The former attorney general added that Trump failed to bring about the “red wave” that the country had hoped for, as he failed to “rise to the occasion” and be successful.

Barr added that Trump has had his chance. Barr served in the Trump administration Justice Department from February 2019 through December 2020, continued. In his latest criticisms of Trump, he also noted that the former President “does not have the qualities necessary” and therefore does not appear to be in a position to unite the party. During his time in office, Barr was viewed as Trump’s most effective and loyal ally in the Cabinet. However, this changed following Trump’s statements about the 2020 election being stolen.

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  1. Barr has no room to speak about failure or about unifying the Republican party. He is an abject failure. He just another noise maker.

  2. Rose-I couldn’t agree more. There is overwhelming proof that the 2020 election was rife with fraud and corruption. Anyone who believes otherwise is ill informed.

    • Respectfully, I am more than convinced that the democrats rig all elections with the concur of the FBI, Secret Service, CIA, CNN, MSNBC, CBS and several Radio Stations and Newspapers along the social network, Soros and many other Tycoons. The Democratic Party, unfortunately, is in the hands of a corrupt number of elected e non elected terrible people.

  3. The failure is Mitch McConnell. He didn’t fund canidates that said they would not support him. He just power hungry even if he’s in the minority and not interested in what’s best for the country.

  4. Wasn’t Swamp dweller Barr the head of the DOJ with all it’s corruption while they were undermining his boss with illegal surveillance and the Russian Collusion crap? Just checking out Mr Integrity.

  5. He is already trying to break apart the republican party, HE is the divider. Division comes from within the party.
    Why does he not speak against all the fr@ud the Dems did against our Elections? Barr is pathetic.

  6. President Trump is the ONLY one who can straighten out America after all the ruination caused by biden and puppeteers. Bill Barr is a RINO who is covering his butt. Republicans do not care what Barr says. President Trump UNITED patriotic Republicans that believe in our Constitution and We The People, he did not unite the Establishment who, like Barr, have sold their souls for their own greed and power. President Trump is the ONLY one we trust to help us.

  7. Barr and all rinos want to unite the Republican Party. This means going back to business as usual. The usual is what put America where we are today. Virtually all past republicans did nothing to stop the socialist creep. If you have evil on one side and good on the other and you vote for somewhere in between the two you still have evil. Rush was stating where the US was going at least back in the 90’s. Democrats and rinos do not want trump to run. Do not listen to anything that passes their disgusting lips.

    • Republicans have learned few lessons over the decades. Republicans have apparently a distaste for conflict and would prefer compromise. The Democrats plot , and plan 24/7 how to how to stifle conservative progress in America. They have a lockstep approach to advance their agenda of a one party system in our nation. I have never heard the term “rhino Democrats”.
      When you hand the Democrats an olive leaf they gleefully accept it laughing behind your back all the while Republicans think they have advanced fair play.
      It really appears that today’s Republicans are agreeable to help the Democratic agenda. We will lose our Republic unless Republican leadership proves they are for “we the people “.

  8. Barr joins the very long list of corrupt so called law enforcement in our government. He is guilty of a lot of things starting with violating the oath to serve and protect. He allowed the FBI and who knows who else infiltrate the crowd on Jan 6 and cause a massive riot that was caused by our own government. The corruption in EVERY area of Government is disgusting. The worst part of all of this is he knows full well there was massive fraud in the 2020 election but did nothing because he is a Trump hater who needed to redeem himself with the corrupt turn coats in our government.

  9. ‘They’ will never let Trump win. Trump should NEVER have left the office. What did he think they’d do to destroy him? As least ‘they’ let him see another day…

  10. Trump is too much of a lightning rod for Dem incoming fire. He has such an ego and short fuse, if someone disagrees with him even 1% of the time Trump will try to destroy them. He has tried to take out Pence for following his Constitutional mandated duty. But he doesn’t understand that a LOT of people voted for the ticket BECAUSE OF Pence. Undermining him undermines those votes.

  11. Barrr, is a Democrat, and he knows the Democrat’s will be trying the same thing in the 2024 election, they did in the 2020 Election and he is covering his ass, so he can continue to keep a position and salary + in future Democrat ran government. He needs to get the boot like Liz Cheney. When Trump gets in office, one of his first missions should be to discard these backstabbers. They will only slow him down and pulling our country back together.

  12. The only people responsible for a not having a “red wave” is McConnell and McCarthy. He had a 91% success rate. Not too shabby. The places he lost are the cheating states. Barr was another deep state operative. He didn’t have what it toke to be a fair DOJ.

  13. It is wishful thinking on Barr’s part! Never trusted him, never will! He was a TRUMP hater all the time & covered it up. Now he is brave enough to speak up! Makes him a coward & a good candidate for the Democratic Party, if he is NOT already!

  14. I Truly believe that America needs A Candidate that will live and enforce the Constitutional laws, of America, also someone who an bridge the huge gap between Republican and Democrats, I know there has to be some Democrats who still love America, those are the ones that our next Presidential Candidate haft to win over, I believe Trump is a favorite, but DeSantis is also very popular and getting more so all the time, even with Democrats, I believe if they run against one another, that’s fine but if one of them should win the Nomination, Then By God bury the Hatchet and unite, Just Maybe a Trump/DeSantis ticket, or a DeSantis/Trump would do the trick.

  15. Barr is wrong. If President Trump lightens up a bit when commenting on other Republicans, even those D.C. Swamp dwelling Republicans he will word to have removed from office when Trump regains the presidency, he most certainly could bring the Republican Party together better than anyone since President Reagan. No one can effectively predict the future, but Barr is far from having the ability to do so at all.

  16. The swamp is WIDE and LONG and DEEP ! Trump is only one man plus I’m not sure if “We the People” even have any control anymore. Our entire system of government has been taken over by lobbyist’s and special interest’s and MONEY. And all of the above are left/communist. Government is about CONTROL-nothing more. Our youth taken over by marxist indoctrination, our fiat money, worthless “healthcare”, rampant crime (look at crime central- biden syndicate), unreliable energy= food/supply shortages/inflation. History repeating itself-read the “Declaration of Independence” fully and you’ll see we are exactly in the same situation as 1776 ! And maybe it going to repeat itself with another armed revolution. If no we’re Venezuela/Amerizuela.

  17. This is total garbage
    Barr is part of the RINO establishment that helped rig 2020
    and 2022
    Why isn’t Barr demanding a new election in AZ ?
    That election was stolen in broad daylight
    But Bill Barr has nothing to say about it?
    Instead he makes idiotic remarks about Pres Trump?
    He belongs behind bars
    Quoting the NYT ? Who does that ?
    86% of Trump endorsed candidtes won
    Why is “conservative free press ” printing this inane trash?

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