DeSantis Steals Major Demographic From Trump

Currently, there is a large chance that Florida Latinos will support Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) over former President Donald Trump if the two were to face each other in the 2024 presidential primary. This was reported by the Washington Examiner following reports by multiple Latino Republican operatives.

In both 2016 and 2020, the Latino vote had been imperative to Trump winning the presidential elections. Latinos are also the fastest-growing voter bloc in the last few years.

According to the Pew Research Center, around 34.5 million Hispanic Americans are eligible to vote in 2022. This is an increase of around 4.7 million when compared to the previous election. Latinos also accounted for close to 62 percent of newly eligible voters in the November midterm elections.

Throughout 2022, Republicans widely focused on getting Latinos to vote in the elections. While this did not help them secure the “red wave” across the country that they had hoped for, DeSantis actually managed to flip Miami-Dade among other heavily Latino counties.

One Latino GOP operative in South Florida said that in large part Miami flipped because of DeSantis’s “vibes” during the coronavirus pandemic.

The operative explained that the governor’s success in large part was because he refused to allow businesses to be shut down for prolonged periods of time during the pandemic. This drove Latinos to support him. In fact, the operative claimed that those who don’t support DeSantis are the minority.

Written by CFP Staff Writer


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  1. Personally I think we need President Trump back to fix what Biden tore down. 4 years of Trump and then I think we need DeSantas. I would like to see Judge Jeanne as Trumps Vice. There is so much to fix and Trump did it once, he can do it again. GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY. AMEN 🙏

      • Owen Shelton, you must be a Democrat to be so very uninformed and misinformed. It’s obvious that you’ve been watching/reading too much fake news media outlets. It proves you have been in the wrong places.

        What did Trump fix! Are you serious?!!! Try, under Trump we had the best economy in over 60-years, along with the lowest jobless rates (2.0%) in over 40-years. These facts are from our government’s CBO .

        Trump’s policies cut taxes for middle class and wage increases happened. Trump lowered the Corporate tax from 35% to 21%, which is one of the main causes of our economy boom. The world average corporate tax rate is 15%, which is what Trump wanted but he compromised with the ignorant Democrats.

        Trump secured our border, making it the most secure it’s been in over 40-years. This fact was reported by the Obama appointed Director of the Border Patrol. Under Biden, we now don’t have a border and it’s wide open.

        Shelton, you seriously need to educate yourself on what’s really happening in our country and the world because your comment was pretty absurd.

  2. DeSantis should NOT run in 2024 because if he were to win the nomination , the 40% solid base for Trump will not vote for him which would guarantee a win for the socialist democrats !! The democrats are destroying our country and Conservatives need to stick together . If DeSantis runs against Trump in 2024 that will do nothing but split up the Republican Party. Vote for Trump in 2024 , then in 2028 DeSantis would probably get the other votes.

  3. Everyone has their vote pointing to DeSantis in 2024 , myself I don’t think he’ll run ,and I think that he loves Florida and I don’t think that he thinks anyone will as good of a job as he does at protecting it. I believe that would be about right too. I do hope people haven’t been blinded by all the BS the democrats and media has spewed over the past years. And I also believe Trump can help America get back to it’s old self . I like to remember everything good Trump done his first 4 years even with everthing the corrupted media and democrats threw at him .

  4. This is one of many articles by CFP that is matching the way the very biased reporting of the Fake News Media Outlets! If you bother to read the many conservatives comments on these political articles by CFP, the overwhelming responses are for 100% support of President Donald Trump in 2024!

    Conservative Americans like what Ron DeSantis has done to fight back against the fascist dictatorship of the Democratic National Communist Party and their complicit fake news media outlets, along with the Big Tech. But the Trump supporters know the DeSantis was not always that way in his political career. DeSantis learned how to fight back against the loony left, from the original, which is President Trump!

    The conservative Republicans know ALL that Trump accomplished for our country, in spite of the attacks by the criminally corrupt Democrats and their weaponized DOJ/FBI, plus their fake news and big tech propaganda outlets!

    Additionally the conservative Republican voters know that the above listed criminals stole the 2020 presidential election from President Trump and that these same Anti-American azzwhole’s stole MANY SEATS in the 2022 midterm election(s)!

    President Trump has proven and earned my vote for President Trump in the 2024 presidential election!

  5. Trump’s moment in the sun has passed – he was beaten by a loser, Joe Biden, face it, move up and on. Republican marketing has been abysmal, we can do a lot better than Trump, he was great then, but will not win over now. Abortion killed the “red wave”, LEARN from this, please.

    • RR, something tells me that you’re not a Republican conservative. Because if you were, you would not believe that brain dead Joe Biden never beat Trump in the 2020 election because it was stolen. The same way the Democratic Nazicrat Party stole many seats in the 2022 midterm elections.

      Liberal polls by ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NBC all showed that abortion wasn’t even in the top seven concerns on American voters minds. I also think the fake news media outlets you probably watch do not air his campaign rallies where he’s filling stadiums with 10- thousand more supporters outside.

      RR, it’s pretty apparent you’re not very well informed. Learn from that, that the fake news media lies a lot about Trump and his multiple millions of supporters!!

  6. Dear Mr. Owen,

    In the four years Trump was in office my 401K gre 150K, I got a 5 dollar an hour pay raise, I purchased a 50K new tractor and financed it at zero percent. I purchased a small place in the mountains and paid cash for it. I would work as many hours as my body was capable of. The store shelves were full and we were not in a stupid war overseas. Was Trump perfect, nope didn’t like his arrogance, or his tweets. I not concerned if Trump or someone else becomes president. I just want someone to run the country again. Don’t care about party, sex, color or any of that. I wa t somebody to defend the country. In the last two years it has gone to hell. If it don’t change the Chinese will decide our leaders for us. Stop and thank about it

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