Why Republicans Must Deliver On The Promises

Following the midterm elections, Republicans continue to say that they will focus on dealing with the high inflation rates and boosting the economy. However, many are saying that within the GOP there will be a “civil war” over which policies should be used in order for these goals to be achieved.

The Republicans have now managed to secure the House, which will allow them to have more say in where the country’s economy is heading.

This will continue to be a main point in the Republican agenda. This was also clear during former President Trump’s speech in which he announced his bid for the White House. During the speech, he focused on his ability in helping with the economy which is why he wanted to return to the office.

Midterm voters also noted that inflation was one of their top concerns, this is because 1 in 5 voters said that the inflation had caused them economic hardship. An NBC News exit poll also showed that Republicans were more widely seen as the better choice for handling the economic troubles the country is facing.

Republicans also capitalized on the economic anxiety ahead of the midterm elections with most Republican campaigns focusing on the economy. However, as Brian Riedl, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, noted the GOP does not yet have a clear economic policy.

As he noted ten years ago they would have pushed for more free trade and free market policies, as well as spending cuts and regulatory reforms. However, in the post-Trump world, they cannot push for these types of policies. This will lead to a small “civil war” within the GOP regarding economic policy.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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