Biden Taunts Republicans Over Midterms

President Biden is slowly gearing up to set off his 2024 campaign launch. Currently, he is taking a victory lap in which he is touting the accomplishments of his administration. This is at a time when many have been questioning what Biden’s political future will be and wondering whether he is planning on pursuing reelection.

The 2024 warmup plan has Biden traveling in many battleground states, including making his first visit to Arizona as president. There is also an event being scheduled by the White House which will celebrate the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act and will focus on Biden’s support for marriage equality over the years. Biden and top officials are also scheduling meetings and political briefs with key supporters across the nation as they are preparing for a presidential campaign launch early next year.

In mid-December, many Biden supporters and allies are also going to be visiting the White House in order to discuss and be informed on the President’s agenda after the new year.

In terms of whether or not Biden will indeed seek reelection, there are many concerns amongst Democrats that despite his insistence that he was planning on seeking reelection, he might in fact back out and leave the party looking for a potential candidate that could beat Trump. Many are also worried that the President’s age and approval rates could be harmful during the presidential election and might lead to him being defeated.

However, many of Biden’s aides have argued that his slow but methodical way of decision-making has allowed the party to have an incredibly successful midterm run while promoting the Democratic agenda in Congress.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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