Voting Age Gets Lowered To What?

Boston, Massachusetts city councilors in a recent vote allowed those above the age of 16 to start voting in municipal elections according to WBUR reports. The petition to lower the voting age was passed in a 9-4 vote. In order for those above the age of 16 to qualify to vote they will also need to meet a set of preexisting criteria.

Councilor Julia Mejia noted regarding this decision that there are many young people in their area who are a part of the workforce and are supporting their families while paying taxes. It is important for those people to also have a way of making their voices heard instead of just having others make decisions for them. Mejia was one of the petition’s co-sponsors.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is set to help move the issue forward when the docket reaches her desk. If this motion passes then it will move to the state Legislature. Mejia has told WBUR previously that this could lead to problems as “most things go there to die” she said referring to the state House.

Mejia added that they currently have the “opportunity” “to organize other municipalities across the state” she also added that they would work to support this initiative in the best way they can.

Boston Councilor Kenzie Bok has said that it can be a good thing if they can get young people into the habit of voting from the age of 16 or 17. He added that this will allow them to also root for their community and will be most likely to build “lifelong civic engagement.”

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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