Marjorie Taylor Greene Sabotages GOP Leader

Far-right activist Laura Loomer in a recent interview claimed that GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia had asked her to “dig up all the dirt” on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

During the interview on In the Trenches with Teddy Daniels, Loomer claimed that Greene had sent a number of text messages which were directly targeting McCarthy. Loomer’s comments were then shared across Twitter after a clip was posted by PatriotTakes, a platform focused on exposing right-wing extremism.

Loomer, a failed GOP congressional candidate in Florida who had previously been endorsed by Greene, noted that Greene held many contradictory opinions regarding McCarthy as she is endorsing him right now despite all of her previous criticisms.

Loomer noted that Marjorie has always been a vocal critic of Kevin McCarthy and that she had even previously sent a text to Loomer calling McCarthy “stupid. Loomer also alleges that Greene had asked her to dig up any dirt on McCarthy and his extramarital affairs in order to stop him from becoming the House Speaker.

Loomers had also accused Greene that she has been shifting her stance in an order to potentially undermine Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign. However, Greene has maintained that there is no truth to this statement and that she remains a big supporter of former President Trump.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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