Biden Sues Red State For Fixing Border

The U.S. government has sued Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and the state Wednesday over the move to have shipping containers placed along the state’s border with Mexico. As they note in the lawsuit this move trespasses on federal lands.

The complaint filed in U.S. District Court has come only three weeks before Democratic Gov.-elect Katie Hobbs takes over as the governor of Arizona. Hobbs has made it clear that she is against this construction.

Ducey earlier this week had said that the containers had only been placed there temporarily and that Arizona would be willing to assist in their removal. However, he noted that he wanted assurance from the U.S. government that the remaining gaps in the permanent border wall would also be filled out.

As he wrote in a letter sent out on Tuesday the U.S. “owes it to Arizonans and all Americans to release a timeline,” for the closing of the gaps which had been ordered a year earlier.

Border security was a key focus of the Trump administration during its time in power, and it has remained a key issue for Republican politicians in border states.

The Department of Justice has requested that Arizona stops placing shipping containers and they remove the containers in remote San Rafael Valley in southeastern Cochise County

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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