Arizona Republican Loses Badly In Court

The lawsuit filed by Mark Finchem, the Republican nominee for secretary of state who lost to Democrat Adrian Fontes, has officially been dismissed by a judge.

Fontes had previously served as a Maricopa County recorder and managed to win the election with around 120,000 votes. However, Finchem has alleged that the technical issues in Maricopa County cost him around 200,000 votes. These votes would have been enough to change the outcome of the vote.

In Maricopa, there were printer issues on Election day that affected 70 out of 223 voting centers. The issue meant that the printers were printing the ballots too light and as such the machine could not read the vote. However, election officials have maintained that this did not affect anyone’s ability to vote, as those same voters could wait in line to vote again, could visit a different voting center or could drop their ballot off in a specific box so that it could be counted later.

Finchem is not the only Republican to have filed a lawsuit as Arizona GOP gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake followed a similar step noting in her lawsuit that the issue would have predominantly affected Republican voters who tend to vote on Election day and not in advance or through mail-in ballots.

Fontes and Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D), who is currently the governor-elect, have filed motions to have these lawsuits dismissed.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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