Democrats Fume Over Trump’s Latest Victory

Former President Trump’s digital trading cards were sold out within 24 hours of their announcement. As of Friday morning, the website in which the non-fungible tokens (NFTs)were being sold has written that the item is sold out and that there are no other digital cards available.

OpenSea Data, which tracks the sales and markets for NFTs, has said that there were 45,000 Trump cards which people could buy for $99 each. On Friday morning the Trump digital cards were also the trending item on the website.

On Wednesday Trump said that he would be making an announcement, which many people thought would relate to his presidential announcement that came a month earlier. However, instead, Trump revealed the availability of a line of digital trading cards which could be bought either with cryptocurrency or with a credit card. On the cards, there were some showing Trump as an astronaut or cowboy. The revenue from the sale of these cards will go directly to Trump who had a licensing deal for them.

Initially, the announcement regarding the cards led to a number of liberals and even some conservatives making jokes about Trump. President Biden even joined in saying he also had some “major announcements” which included a list of policy wins he recently had.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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