Blue State Overwhelmed With Illegals

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has warned that with Title 42 expiring shortly New York may be forced into having to cut certain public services in order to accommodate the additional 1,000 migrants that are expected to arrive each week.

New York City taxpayers have so far been the ones who have had to pay so that the city could deal with the influx of migrants.

According to the annual “State of the City’s Economy and Finances” report released on Thursday by the city comptroller the projected amount to house, educate, provide food, and other services to migrants will be around $1 billion annually in spending until 2026.

Title 42, a Trump-era policy that was put in place in order to stop migrants from entering the country in March 2020 so as to stop the rate of COVID-19 infections, is set to expire within the next week. The measure had previously been extended by the Biden administration and had blocked thousands of migrants from being able to seek asylum in the country.

On Wednesday when the measure expires officially, there is expected to be an influx of migrants entering the country. Currently, shelters along the U.S. -Mexico border are already overwhelmed and packed with the thousands of migrants who have entered the country.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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