Marjorie Taylor Greene Dumps MAGA Movement

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is moving away from one of her closest MAGA allies in order to help support Kevin McCarthy with his speaker bid.

McCarthy, a California Republican who is the House minority leader, is expected to face a tough race for the Speakership after the Republicans manage to win control of the lower chamber with a very small majority. Currently, McCarthy’s biggest threat comes from a right-wing challenger from Arizona, Representative Andy Biggs.

If Biggs manages to find enough support in the Republican Party he could potentially stop McCarthy from winning his bid. Currently, many MAGA Republicans, including Florida Representative Matt Gaetz and Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert, have already indicated that they would not be voting in favor of McCarthy for Speaker unless McCarthy starts considering conservative demands.

Greene, a Georgia Republican who is widely viewed as one of the most conservative House Representatives has not agreed with this point, and while she had once been a vocal critic of McCarthy she has instead supported him throughout his speakership bid. This puts her against other right-wing Republicans.

During an interview on The Jenna Ellis Show, Greene defended her decision to support McCarthy by noting that she was being pragmatic and looking at the best way in which conservative policies could be passed. She added that her support does mean she has “compromised anything.”

She added that they will be at a standstill until a Speaker is elected on January 3 and that as a representative her job is to ensure that the American people know that the Republican party can be united and act in their favor as they lead.

Written by CFP Staff Writer

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