Border Officials Issue Critical Warning

(Conservative Free Press) – Texas Highway Patrol staff Lt. Christopher Olivarez told Newsmax on Tuesday that the calls to have the Biden administration grant mass amnesty to migrants could end up worsening the situation at the border. Olivarez said that while it is hard to explain how much worse the situation can actually get, it is clear that messaging that establishes the idea that amnesty will be granted is like opening the floodgates so that even more migrants can enter the city.

He added that the idea of mass amnesty will attract migrants like a magnet and a lot more people will be making the journey to enter the U.S. because they will feel confident that when they reach the country they will be granted amnesty.

In the 2023 fiscal year, within the first 90 days, there were 617,000 illegal immigrants encountered at the southern border. From those 430,000 migrants were released into the country and 186,000 were expelled under Title 42 COVID restrictions. These numbers do not include the approximately 240,000 known gotaways that the government has not accounted for. Olivarez notes that this just further proved that every fiscal year and month a new record is being set and by claiming to allow amnesty you are creating a far worse situation than they have in their hands right now.

Olivarez also notes that this time of messaging will also empower Mexican cartels who will further seek to exploit the situation. Meanwhile, the National Guard is performing an “outstanding job” with managing the flow in El Paso with the help of the additional troops sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott according to Olivarez.

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