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    Facebook’s latest anti-police attack

    In yet another abuse of the power held by Facebook over what the people are allowed to see and share online, the social media giant has been shown to have taken its censorship another step further in the wrong direction by blocking an ad paying tribute to a Police officer who was awarded ‘Officer of […] More

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    Listening to the Experts was a Mistake

    Since the Covid-19 Pandemic began, we were admonished to “listen to the experts … the doctors … the scientists.”  I took that advice because I thought it was the best way to proceed.  We know that the politicians and the press do not FOLLOW the facts, they SPIN them.  So, I focused on the scientists […] More

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    Cori Bush Blasts Some Democrats For Abandoning Country

    Representative Cori Bush, a Democrat, criticized members of her own party for breaking for a recess before moving to extend a federal moratorium on evictions. “The eviction moratorium expires tonight at midnight. We could have extended it yesterday, but some Democrats went on vacation instead,” the Missouri congresswoman tweeted Saturday. “We slept at the Capitol last […] More

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    China’s Latest Hong Kong Crackdown

    The first person to be tried under Hong Kong’s new national security law was convicted of inciting secession and terrorism over an incident that occurred during a protest against the very law by which he was charged.  Tong Ying-kit, 24, was driving a motorcycle when he collided into a group of police officers. He was […] More

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    The Capitol Police Scam

    Lawmakers came together this week to approve $2.1 billion in emergency funds to the Capitol Police, which saw most of its resources disappear after the January 6th riot. The bill, approved almost unanimously in both chambers, provides money for overtime pay and training as well as funds for federal agencies handling humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. […] More

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    A Cuban Murder Mystery

    In the past month, awareness on the harsh effects of socialism and communism along with the value of personal freedom have been further revealed to the world by the protests and crackdowns that have occurred in Cuba. As the internet and communications have been shut down in the nation, it has been difficult to come […] More

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    Chinese Military Increases Tensions

    Tensions between India and China continue to escalate over the long disputed border land of the Himalayas. In reporting from the CBN (Christian Broadcast News), both sides are increasing forces along the border in preparation to defend their claim over the territory. Threats have risen over the past year since a previous deadly dispute between […] More

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    To Mask or Not to Mask?

    At no time since the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic has there been more confusion over who should wear a mask, when and how.  The advice on masking has not been consistent over time.  In the early days of the Pandemic, scientists, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that masks were only needed if you […] More

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    Trump’s Shocking Interview

    President Trump does a lot of crazy stuff.  He says a lot of outrageous things.  He gives his adversaries an infinite supply of fodder to use against him.  But even with that in mind, Trump’s latest activity has me scratching my head.  It was his interview with Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig – both from […] More

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    The Front Lines: War on Abortion

    This week I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Emily Berning. As one of the creators of Let Them Live, an organization dedicated to supporting financially struggling Mothers who are considering abortion by taking donations and offering assistance through the process of ultimately deciding to and giving birth, Emily took the time to answer questions […] More

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