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    America’s Democrats Worried over Italy’s New Conservative Government

    On Sunday, Italy made history by electing its first ever female Prime Minister. But instead of being thrilled, the mainstream media and Washington DC are worried. The reason? Because the new leader, Giorgia Meloni, is a solid conservative. The victory of the conservative coalition of three right-wing parties was foreseen due to the pre-election popularity […] More

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    The Dumbest Congressman Opened His Mouth, Again

    Every time, Hank Johnson opens his mouth in public, that stinky four-lettered unspeakable thing comes out. To the disgust of all those who heard, he recently opened his mouth again. So if you have not heard yet, it’s advisable you stop reading further. Warning: This article has links to instances when Johnson opened his mouth […] More

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    It Was Biden All Along; Stop Letting Him Play Dumb

    It really was Joe Biden – the one who granted the FBI access to the documents for which the FBI raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence last month. The information has been verified officially in court documents on Monday. The Gateway Pundit was one of the first and few news sources that reported on Monday about the […] More

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    VP Assassination Attempt Caught on Video

    The Vice President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, had a loaded gun pointed at her face, almost point-blank range, and the trigger was pulled. But the assassination attempt failed because the gun didn’t fire. The hair-raising incident was caught on cam as Cristina Fernandez was walking into a crowd of her supporters outside her […] More

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    Why PA Doesn’t Give a Zuckbuck

    The midterm elections are less than four months away and Republicans are active in passing laws to stop the Democrats from stealing the elections via bribing election officials. Banning the use of “Zuckbucks” is a key focus of these safeguards. Last week, Pennsylvania’s Republican-led house legislature passed the bill SB 982 that bans election officials […] More

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    2 Republicans Help Dems Pass AR-15 Ban Bill

    Another day in the Democrat-led House and another attack on gun ownership as Democrats narrowly pulled off passing the bill that bans a variety of semi-automatic rifles. The bill is unlikely to pass in the Senate. It came as a last-minute vote on Friday before congress took its August recess of 45 days. Democrats presented […] More

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    The Arab and Chinese Influences Behind American Colleges

    During the Trump administration, the Department of Education revealed foreign funding worth billions of dollars made to American colleges and universities riding on top of foreign political designs. But the Biden administration has completely ignored the issue. In June 2019, The College Fix reported that after years of warnings, the Department of Education (DOE) had […] More

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    The Battle to Legalize Topless Women is Not Going Away

    Advocates of “gender equality” have been trying to win the right for women to go topless in public places because men are free to do it everywhere but women can’t in most of the country. The battle has gone to court quite a few times. Scenes of topless women were long part of movies and […] More

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    You Won’t Believe What NY is Requiring for Gun Permits

    Last month the Supreme Court left the anti-gun leftists sore with its ruling on gun rights in various states. Now New York, one of the most crime-infested states run by liberals, has rushed to pass legislation that gives the authorities the right to inspect the social media history of gun owners in order to issue […] More

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    Biden’s Latest Embarrassment is Hard to Watch

    Embarrassment and Joe Biden seem to be Siamese twins; where one goes, the other follows. Biden’s upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil is no exception to this sad state of affairs. Even the leftist media can’t help show the embarrassing situation surrounding this visit. In the presidential race, Biden claimed that […] More

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    “Real Conservatives” Losing Due to Open Primaries

    Democrat voters are taking advantage of the open primaries to vote real conservatives out of the midterm election, and the conservative movement is just waking up to it. On Wednesday (June 22, 2022), Republican Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona wrote on her Telegram channel: Democrats are voting against #UltraMAGA in the open primaries. Get rid […] More

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    Fake News Pandemic: USA Today Retracts 23 Stories

    While the reality and seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic is subject to question, the much bigger and mind-infesting pandemic of fake news is overlooked. In the latest revelation of fake news, the popular leftist paper USA Today has removed 23 stories from its website because they were found not credible. On Thursday (June 16, 2022), […] More

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