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    Biden Illegally Tapping Into Strategic Oil Reserves

    Since Joe Biden stepped into the White House last year, prices for both food and oil started rising along with inflation. Before Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine in the final week of February, record-high gas prices in America had already resulted in “I Did That” tag for mocking Biden’s failure in running the […] More

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    AOC: American On Crack

    Genre: Paranormal, Mystery, Horror Plot Summary: Soon after getting elected to a public office, AOC, a former bartender from New York, starts exhibiting erratic behavior. Paranormal psychologist Dr. Smart tries to determine whether the young woman is psychotic, possessed, or just a garden-variety idiot. Starring: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as AOC Steven Pinker as Dr. Smart Ruth […] More

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    The New Domestic Terrorists Are Environmentalists

    Fire extinguishers kill fires and save life and property. But have you heard of tire extinguishers? If not, it’s about time since your SUV or four by four may be the next victim of a new brand of terror—one that targets tires. Over the past month, around two thousand SUVs were deflated in different cities […] More