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    This Might Be Biden’s Biggest Lie

    Among the various programs incorporated into President Biden’s falsely named Inflation Reduction Act the one that Democrats promote the most is the reductions in the cost of prescription drugs.  So, they say.  It is based on the plan to have Medicare “negotiate” drug prices with the pharmaceutical companies. If you are hoping to see a […] More

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    Is Manchin’s Career Over?

    West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin almost pulled off his effort to burnish a reputation as a statesman … a man of integrity … a man of principle.  One of those politicians who earn their way into the pantheon of the courageous.  It was not to be. For sure, Democrats were unhappy that Manchin stood up […] More

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    “Men Who Have Sex With Men” and Other Foolishness From the Left

    Because the intellectual left (using the term loosely) operates in a virtual theoretical world, they have a propensity to change the language.  They cannot abide by words and terms that have specific meaning, so they create euphemisms as a form of political discipline. I was reminded of this when I heard a White House economic […] More

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    Not Looking Good for these Two Dem Hopefuls

    If you are an MSNBC viewer or believe that the New York Times is more than a local newspaper, you may not have heard about the election of Texas Republican Mayra Flores to Congress.  She will be representing the folks in one of those congressional districts along the US/Mexican border. As one might expect, the […] More

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    Biden Is Throwing Ukraine Under the Bus

    Early on, I expressed my opinion that Ukraine could not defeat Putin unless the west got more directly involved.  That is truer today than ever. Virtually every leader in NATO and the European Union has emphatically said that Putin cannot be allowed to win his unprovoked war on a sovereign nation – and a western […] More

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    Will the Lord Summon the Russian Warlord? A Prayer

    If the intelligence reports are true, Russian President (and Moscow Madman) Vladimir Putin’s days are numbered.   Reports claim that he has advanced-stage cancer, with a life expectancy of no more than three years.  But that would mean that he will become essentially incapacitated long before that terminal date.  Putin is only 69 years old.  So, […] More

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    Biden Has No Answers on the Economy

    President Biden and the Democrats have only two sales pitches when it comes to the economy.  The first is the rose-colored-glasses approach.  The economy is in great shape … record growth … low unemployment … strong consumer spending.  Nothing to worry about. The second sales pitch is that inflation, empty shelves, and shortage of workers […] More

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    How Much Influence Does Trump Have in the Midterm Elections?

    In my consultant days, the first thing I would tell candidate clients is that the election will turn on what the voters decided to decide upon.  Campaign strategies, therefore, are geared to convince voters to decide on those issues most favorable to the candidate.  Saying that is easier than implementing it. Today, we have one […] More

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    Leftwing Media Aiding and Abetting the Enemy

    The New York Times has published military secrets that have significantly undermined national security and the war effort in Ukraine – and not just once, but twice. The leaks have to do with America’s role in the killing of an unprecedented number of Russian generals (12 to be exact) and the sinking of Putin’s flagship, […] More

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    Will Schumer Help Elect GOP Senators?

    The leak of the two-month-old draft of a possible Supreme Court decision has set Democrats and the leftwing media into a political frenzy.  Since such drafts go through constant revisions, they are responding to a pig in the poke. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer took to the podium to vent his staged rage at the […] More

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    Macron’s Surprising Win was not a Surprise

    Did anyone really expect Marine Le Pen to win the French presidency?  This is yet another example of the media folks – especially on the left – to get overwrought when some right-wing character surfaces.  In fact, the hyper attention they give folks like Le Pen actually enhances their prominence.  The left first promotes and […] More

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    Does Trump Really Control The GOP?

    I find it interesting that Democrats and the leftwing press keep advancing the claim that Trump controls the Republican Party.  They even allege that the GOP is nothing more than a Trump cult.  The Democrats’ strategy is rather simple … and obvious.  Demonize Trump and then claim he IS the Republican Party – or the […] More

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