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    Kamala Goes on Vacation as Staffers Flee

    VP Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff arrived in Hawaii on August 15th and are continuing their vacation on the sunny island. The trip has raised questions on her obvious absence from important meetings with Biden, such as the signing of a massive climate, healthcare, and tax spending bill just a day after she left. […] More

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    Is China Preparing for War?

    Every country is closely watching China. China seems to be preparing for war, and according to reports, the communist country has recently conducted military exercises and drills near Taiwan, making uncertainty fill the air. Last week the US State Department site deleted ‘Taiwan is part of China’, changed the wording on its U.S. Taiwan relations […] More

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    Will Nancy Pelosi Wear A Face Mask During The State Of The Union?

    The House just lifted their CDC guidelines on mask mandates ahead of the State of The Union address, scheduled for this coming Tuesday night.   On Sunday, Capitol Physician Brian Monahan wrote in a letter “Individuals may choose to mask at any time, but it is no longer a requirement.”  “Positive COVID-19 test rates at the […] More

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    Who Fact-Checks The Fact-Checkers?

    The term fact-checker is a household name, and reached its peak popularity during Donald Trump’s 2017 white house win, “because of Russian interference,” as some Democrats might say.  During Trump’s four years of presidency, the American people found left-leaning news and media outlets depending on these mysterious fact-checkers to either dismiss the information as false […] More