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AP, WaPo: Biden is Making Job Promises He Can’t Possibly Keep

In a dual pair of fact checks last week, both the Associated Press and the Washington Post alerted readers that, when it comes to Biden’s climate change agenda, he’s making job promises that he can’t possibly live up to.

In the midst of signing a slate of executive orders aimed at “greening” the country on Wednesday, the new president claimed that new electric vehicles would open up “1 million new jobs in the American automobile industry.” According to his administration, this can be accomplished by getting rid of the current federal fleet and replacing 650,000 cars and trucks with their electric counterparts. The administration will also create incentives and regulations that will supposedly get the U.S. transportation infrastructure to the point where it can support all these new electric vehicles.

The AP, however, said this outlook was a bit too rosy.

“There’s plenty of skepticism about this claim. At least some of those new auto-related jobs would come at the expense of current ones. Auto industry analysts don’t see how a net gain of 1 million jobs in that sector can come from Biden’s plan,” the AP reported. “One million new jobs in the auto industry is a highly ambitious goal that would mean more than doubling the number of workers now employed in motor vehicle and parts manufacturing. Many analysts and the United Auto Workers union, in fact, have warned that electric vehicle manufacturing probably will mean fewer net auto-making jobs.”


At the Washington Post, the resident fact-checkers took issue with a speech Climate Czar John Kerry gave on Wednesday, where he assured the press that any jobs lost in the fossil fuel industry would be quickly replaced with jobs in the emerging green energy industry.

“You know, you look at the consequences of black lung for a miner, for instance, and measure that against the fastest growing job in the United States before COVID was solar power technician,” Kerry said. “The same people can do those jobs, but the choice of doing the solar power one now is a better choice. Similarly, you have the second fastest growing job pre-COVID was wind turbine technician.”

The Post, however, said, “For the purposes of this fact check, we’re more interested in how many jobs are represented by those percentages. After all, at the White House, Kerry mentioned these statistics in the context of coal mining jobs — ‘The same people can do those jobs’ — which before the pandemic amounted to about 50,000 jobs (and about 30,000 below surface). Could these solar and wind jobs match that number?

“In sum, no,” the Post continued. “Wind turbine jobs are projected to go up by 4,300, from 7,000 to 11,300 in 10 years. The solar installer jobs are projected to go up 6,100, from 12,000 to 18,100. That’s a total increase of just 10,400 jobs — leaving 20,000 coal workers still toiling in the mines.”

That is, of course, only specifically addressing what Kerry said about coal miners. It doesn’t even get into the thousands and thousands of jobs that will be lost in other areas of the coal, gas, and oil industry. There aren’t (and won’t be) enough wind turbines on the planet to replace all of those jobs, and the Biden administration damn well knows it.

If Biden doesn’t slow his roll, he’s going to guide this country right into an age of darkness – both figuratively and literally.

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    • Anyone in that industry who voted for him deserves to lose their job for stupidity. He said all along he was going to end them, then flipped when Trump pointed it out. People who believed anything he said deserves it. Thank for punishing the 75,000,000 plus.

  1. the only curious thing is people being surprised that John Kerry and Joe Biden are lying about creating jobs… you have two people who have NEVER WORKED A SINGLE DAY at a real job, telling everybody how easy it is to ” just go get a different job”..”relocate you family” ..”take your kids out of school”…”move someplace to get a different job”…and you’ll be fine, after all it will be nice for the enviorment in 50 years………

    and people buy their incompetent nonsense.

    • You are so right. And on top of all the turmoil you highlighted, these people will have to adjust to new jobs that pay them only 1/3 of what they earned previously. Shameful. But people just don’t see what’s really going on and continue to vote for these sheep in blue clothing because orange man bad. Pathetic!

  2. So many don’t seem to understand what our dictator in chief, Biden is doing to our nation and the people who belong here. Keystone pipeline is a good example. With a single stroke of the pen he fired (not laid off) operating engineers, teamsters, mechanics, laborers, engineers and so many others. Men who’ve worked many years at their CHOSEN profession. Many served apprenticeships in order to be where they are. Now Biden, a person whose never worked a day in his life says they should go retrain into working in a factory building solar panels. Biden is a proven socialist. A communist would be a better way to describe him. So what comes next? Does his government take our homes? Our bank accounts? Our vehicles? I’ve even seen reports that FEMA is building concentration camps and have also ordered poison gas the same as what Hitler used back in the 1940’s. WHY? Who does Biden go after next? We elderly who’ve paid our dues or just any who oppose him? Many voted for Biden. They wanted him, they got him now they’ll have to live with what he’d doing to our country and we the people. Now they can live with what he’s doing to destroy our and their lives.

  3. this man needs to be impeached and right now. he is a useless piece of crap, and I am laughing my ass off at all the old farts who thought he hung the moon. they did not do any research, just ate the line he was handing out. I would like to ask the biden voters how they feel now? Donald Trump made jobs, gave people hope for the future, and always looked for ways to help us. this gasbag has all the money he and his drug seeker son sold the American people out to get. he couldn’t spend it in a million years. same for that POS John Kerry, who married into money and has never broken a sweat to earn a dime. his flippant :go find another job is so irritating. I would like to get him and that faggot buttigegg and teach them a thing or two. believe me, I am in my 70’s but I still have a lot of go. I can’t understand for the life of me how they can live the lavish lifestyle without a care in the world, while their policies are. making people lose everything they have ever worked for. same for that POS piglosi with her. gourmet ice cream and five figure refrigerator. people are starving to death in this country and the demon rat party could care less. the demon rat party is so scared that the American public is coming for them that they installed fences, and keep military groups with cannons and an arsenal seen only in war around the capitol. that is the mark of a guilty SOB, if ever I saw one. they need to go, one way or another. I would prefer to see them perp walked out in handcuffs. but the alternative is ok too I guess. carried out feet first works for me.

  4. A loud mouth democRAT , very little action !!! He would rather kill jobs for American citizens then creating new jobs , PS He can not fulfill his promise !!! Moron in the White House !!!

  5. Bidens incapable of leading our country , he’s a follower and not very good at that ! Now he’s out to bring America downhill , his insanity is because the whole democratic party is knocking at his door , wanting him to sign there absurdity like kill the pipeline in the name of climate change , we have four seasons ??? And now we’ll give billions of our tax dollars to france ! Somebody’s getting rich . And now all that oil will be trucked and moved by train’s . That will only contributed more pollution , when it could have been flowing freely . I guess I don’t understand it ! Good luck America it’s only 4 years of suffering .

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