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Biden’s Genius Plan: Release Thousands of Illegals Without Testing Them for COVID

President Joe Biden cracked down on international flights out of concern for new COVID variants that are developing overseas (and already well-entrenched in the U.S.), but it doesn’t appear that he’s willing to sacrifice his pro-illegal immigration agenda for the sake of public health. In an explosive story on Tuesday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson revealed that illegal immigrants are being released by the thousands from ICE detention facilities…but they are not getting COVID tests before being pushed out into the general American public.

Carlson accused the Biden administration of “releasing thousands of foreign nationals” into U.S. communities without the slightest attempt to see if they may be bringing the coronavirus with them. Migrants from countries with high infection rates, he said, “are being sent forth into the population as though COVID isn’t real.”

Confronted with this story on Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki would only say she “didn’t care enough to answer the question,” which tells you everything you need to know about this administration’s priorities.

Biden may not be deterred by reporters or Fox News from pursuing his open-borders agenda, but he is – so far – getting a fair bit of pushback from the courts.

From the Epoch Times:

A federal judge in Texas extended the suspension of President Joe Biden’s 100-day moratorium on deportations until Feb. 23.

U.S. District Court Judge Drew Tipton in the Southern District of Texas on Tuesday ruled that the federal government cannot make immigration enforcement changes without consulting Texas. As a result, he extended the temporary restraining order by another 14 days, asserting that the state of Texas would face more harm than the federal government if the extension wasn’t granted.

”The irreparable harm that would accrue to Texas if an extension of the [temporary restraining order] is not granted before consideration of its motion for a preliminary injunction is more substantial than any harm incurred by the defendants,” wrote Tipton in his ruling, adding that his ruling will give parties more time to “provide for a more fulsome record” to assist the court in “adjudicating Texas’s motion for a preliminary injunction.”

Well, if the media is too cowardly (or captured) to push back on the realities of illegal immigration and Republicans lack the power in Congress to be effective, it’s up to the states to limit the scope of Biden’s damage. Hopefully, they can keep this president tied up in the courts for the next four years until we can get back to the business of protecting America’s borders.

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  1. This dodo is one of the biggest mistakes our country has made in a very long time! He’s a menace who has no more business “running” this country than my cat!!! Thank you all you voters who thought he would be a much better choice than a proven winner.

    • Right on , but I suggest dumb is as dumb does. Those people haven’t had inoculations, and they’ll just over tax our assistance programs.

    • You know why they voted for this brain de a d thing don’t you? It’s alllllll about the, FREE!!!!! This is just, ONE example of the ignorance. I was reading a post. And this lazy a…. says. SPREAD THE WEALTH! Now you tell me why the person who has money, has to share his frea k g wealth with that P O S! Heck! Why should the person with the wealth have to SHARE ANY!!! Of their money, with ANYONE! THIS, Is the mentality of the I d I o t lazy a…..s, these days. Everyone owes THEM! I posted back to them and told them to WORK! And pay for what YOU want with your OWN MONEY, NO ONE a owes your lazy a…. a f r e k g PENNY! My husband and I worked for what we have. And we will BURN it before, ANYONE gets a part of it. FACT!

    • I didn’t get to vote for your cat. I think there is a large hidden cat vote.

      Briben biden is a criminal rapist pedophile. Cats just steal tuna and chicken, but only after its cooked.

  2. sleepy joe you are a really senile old devil and if you think it is smart to allow those people to enter our country during this pendemic you must be out of your mind besides being senile. it is hope you will regret this move by giving up something very special to you. we find our safety and good health very special to us. stop destroying our beautiful country you old mean senile thing. oh also tell obama to take off his ear phones. and quit running this nation a third term. his past perormance stunk.

  3. Since the Biden Socialist Regime Invited all of these Illegal Aliens to come to the United States for a Giant Bag of Free Stuff, I guess they are no longer Illegals. As the Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists are so fond of saying, “These Are Honest, Hard Working People That Are Just Looking for a Better Life for Themselves and Their Family”, So I am sure that None of these Honest People would come to this country without having been Immunized First. Besides they are only taking Low Paying Jobs Away From UN-Educated or Under-Educated Americans, who will be getting all of those High Paying Solar Energy Jobs that Biden has Promised. No Problam, Right?

  4. Each and everyone of these illegals should be transported to D C , and Texas , Arizona finish the wall ! Finish the keystone pipeline , this is one of the most stupid ideas of aoc and biden went along with it tells me and everyone that he’s unable to serve , now oil from Canada will be trucked and moved by rails which will cause more pollution . Idiot’s !

  5. The Dembecile now in power, is going to turn our country into a 3rd. World Hellhole in record time. I for one wish that Donald J Trump was in power.

  6. The President should be charged with Treason allowing 25 thousand plus ILLEGAL’s into our Country with out testing to make sure that they aren’t infected with Covid or another communicable disease. Mr. President I have served a President and none that I have known were anxious let alone willing to allow this to happen. In the 1950’s we sent back thousands under Ike, more under JFK and Johnson then we had to have Nixon but even he knew better than to set people in that have not interest in our Country. You have opened the doors for thousands of people that hate us because we are American.

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