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Texas Governor Wants to Make State a “Second Amendment Sanctuary”

Texas lawmakers are headed back to Austin for the new legislative session, and Republicans in both the legislature and the governor’s office are determined to keep the Second Amendment alive in the face of an expected gun-control push from Washington. In an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram this week, Gov. Greg Abbott said it is a priority to ensure that Texans enjoy the full protections of the Constitution.

“Politicians from the federal level to the local level have shouted: ‘Heck yes, the government is coming to get your guns,’” Abbott said. “We won’t let that happen in Texas. Last session, I signed 10 laws to protect gun rights in Texas. This session we need to erect a complete barrier against any government office anywhere from treading on gun rights in Texas. Texas must be a Second Amendment sanctuary state.”

With Democratic legislators hoping to pass additional gun laws to address recent mass shootings in El Paso and Sutherland Springs, the governor said he wouldn’t allow a couple of sensationalistic cases erase the gun rights of millions of Texans.

“The goal that I’m seeking to achieve is to do the maximum to protect Second Amendment Rights,” Abbott said.

While Democrats in the legislature feigned ignorance as to what it meant to turn Texas into a Second Amendment Sanctuary, Abbott was happy to clarify the term for the Star-Telegram.

“It would be a law that would prohibit any state or local government official from doing anything to implement any law, state or federal, that would take guns away from any Texan,” Abbott said.

That seems simple enough. You would think that Democrats would recognize this particular bit of legal theory, seeing as how it is based on their own efforts to carve out little places of respite for illegal aliens. It doesn’t mean, of course, that Texas can keep federal authorities from enforcing federal laws; it simply means that local and state law enforcement officers will be prohibited from acting as agents of the federal government. This doesn’t give Texans immunity from federal law, but it does hinder the Biden administration’s attempts to circumvent the Constitution.

“It’s not a silver bullet to end all gun confiscation,” admitted Rachel Malone of Gun Owners of America. “But we believe it’s a helpful step. It’s important for our state to stand strong and, yeah, right now we don’t have any faith in the current Congress to support our ability to keep and bear arms, legally, in order to protect ourselves. It’s vital right now that Texas take every stand that we can.”

Exactly. The more Republicans can do at both the state and federal levels to oppose Biden’s agenda, the less the president will be able to accomplish.

What further reason do you need?

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  1. This is an excellent idea that should be pursued by every state who cares about their people, who follow the laws. Please, Gov. DeSantis, take heed and please follow the path of Texas…please make Florida a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State, as well.

  2. I wish that this Governor, here in Virginia, would do one thing right. for the real citizens. So far, he has only hurt us. Please make Virginia a Sanctuary State. We have a great need to bare Arms. Hunting is a big part of our lives. These crazy laws, only hurt the Law Abiding Citizens, The Criminal WILL, get guns no matter what Laws are Passed. The Magic Word is Criminals. They Don’t follow any Laws.

  3. If Texas can pull this off, expect other states to follow suit at a fast pace. I for one will badger my Governor till he gives up or gives in. Leave it to Texas to lead the way with something this important. Long live the “Lone Star” state. Long live 2A. Just sayin’.

  4. I think its brilliant and so wish our governor would follow suit. Sadly, Gov. Ducey has been a disappointment, I fear he is a RINO and has let down his constituents. He was very close with McCain and that might have something to do with it. Its time he redirects his loyalty to the people of Arizona and the like to feel free to carry.
    Gov. Ducey please let’s follow Texas and become a 2nd amendment sanctuary state !!! I’m sure you will win many people back to your camp !


  6. Arizona and Montana are two more states working on this as well. Let’s hope it gets done. Screw Biden and his Communist crew. Not my President!

  7. Great idea! People need guns for protection. As an elderly woman, there is no way I can wield a knife or swing a bat; my only protection is a gun. If someone wanted to kill someone or a bunch of people, there are a lot of other more damaging ways to do it besides with a gun.
    Majority of people here in Texas will be behind this. Then no one will Mess With Texas/Texans.

  8. And all other states run by Republicans should follow suit , and get that pipeline following again , maybe the richer people can afford higher gas prices and forget about the lower income and retired men and women , if gas goes higher so will everything else . That’s an unforgivable ! Little dumbo aoc has never had an intelligent idea yet . And we all know Bidens a follower and not a leader .

  9. It’s time to put an END to this so called FELON “president” (?!?) and his COMMUNIST OPPRESSORS and put them OUT of BUSINESS . . . And DON’T forget to IMEACH him! He’s NOT my president. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  10. Hey, it needs to be 100% Second Amendment protection for all 50 states as written in our Constitution! The NRA just moved to Texas and needs to protect all 50 states nationally ! Focus on the crime areas, get rid of drug dealers , get rid of gang warfare, and get rid of the liberal judges letting felons off after repetitive crimes! Do a crime pay a price! Hard labor! Deport felons. We need Voter ID! God bless the USA!

  11. The Dems called the January 5th riot an “insurrection.” I wonder how they would respond to an actual armed insurrection, especially if the National Guard decided to “look the other way” when high-profile Democrats are dragged out, tarred and feathered, or hanged in front of the Capitol.

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