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Turnabout’s Fair Play: Republican Files Impeachment Charges Against Biden

Well, as doubtful as we are that there’s any particular reason for this to happen, we can’t say we’re surprised. When you impeach the Republican president not once but twice for reasons that have little connection to the law, you can’t be surprised when Republicans turn right around and do the same thing to your guy. And, just a day into Joe Biden’s presidency, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is the one making it happen. As promised, she officially filed articles of impeachment against the new president on Thursday.

“We’ll see how it goes,” Greene tweeted.

In a press release, she said the impeachment is “for his corrupt actions involving his quid pro quo in Ukraine and his abuse of power by allowing his son, Hunter Biden, to siphon off cash from America’s greatest enemies Russian and China.”

She continued: “President Joe Biden is unfit to hold the office of the Presidency. His pattern of abuse of power as President Obama’s Vice President is lengthy and disturbing. President Biden has demonstrated that he will do whatever it takes to bail out his son, Hunter, and line his family’s pockets with case from corrupt foreign energy companies.

“President Biden is even on tape admitting to a quid pro quo with the Ukrainian government threatening to withhold $1,000,000,000 in foreign aid if they did not do his bidding. President Biden residing in the White House is a threat to national security and he must be immediately impeached,” Greene wrote.

Greene is a somewhat unorthodox new Republican, but she’s certainly got guts. That’s more than we can say for the Senate GOP leader right about now.

In any event, this impeachment is (of course) not going anyway in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, and we can hardly think of it in any other terms than as something Greene can add to her resume when she heads out on the campaign trail again in a year or so. We wouldn’t exactly ascribe “nobility” to that effort, but like we said, Democrats are getting exactly what they’ve asked for. That Republicans are even halfway into “giving Biden a chance” is a remarkable display of generosity after the way Democrats treated Trump for the last four years.

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  1. Let’s add impeachment charges on Maxine Waters for her statement – Harass cabinet officials. Where are the charges on Hillary Clinton for statement – Cannot be civil with members of Republican Party. Or Charges on Eric Holder for statement – Kick Republicans. There are others inciting Violence without any repercussions.

  2. We know this won’t go anyplace, but it will be interesting to see how may Republicans have the balls to vote in favor of it. There is certainly more reason to impeach Biden than there was for Trump.

    • No she is next for impeachment as evidence exists of her relation with BLM and Antifa payrolls. Among other unethical expectations within a democracy.

  3. Since we are trying to impeach a President who has left office, let’s impeach Barack Obama, the worst, treasonous President we ever had. He should have been arrested for crimes and misdemeanors ages ago.

    • I believe Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris should all be arrested. So, Amen to Congresswoman Greene !!

      I am a non-denominational CHRISTian that goes to Calvary Chapel and listens to the international CHRISTian Satellite Network CSNRADIO .com SEVEN days a week especially Monday – Friday. I even listened to it in Germany 🇩🇪 and Hungary 🇭🇺 !

      I LIVED IN, not just visited communist China 🇨🇳 in 2010 . So I KNOW how bad it is to live under communism and I am doing EVERYthing I can here to stop it from coming here. Venezuela WAS a wealthy, prosperous country until it became communist as a 3rd world country with people eating out of garbage cans !!! In China, I attended a university that not only can one get a master’s degree in Marxism, but it had a statue of Chairman Mao in its front yard.
      ( I was fortunate to stumble upon ONE toilet at the university. Every other restroom had stinky porcelain holes in the ground we had to squat over. Upon entering the front entrance to the university and near the plush 28 story building I lived in, the stench was so bad, you had to hold your nose. Electrical wiring hung from the ceiling of the two buildings too. )

      To quote Eskify, “ Through communist policies he starved millions of people, possibly as many as 80 million. He killed any intellectuals who disagreed with him, he put people in labour camps, and condoned beating and stoning people to death in struggle sessions.“

      I saw the plans of the left on their own letterhead paper to murder us, especially the seniors and disabled, and the vaccines 💉 is just one of the ways. ( To build your immunity, eat foods made from GOD like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, and walnuts. Take a healthy vitamin-mineral drink, Zinc, Elderberry, Vitamin D-3, and Vitamin A daily. Get 8 hours of sleep daily and exercise. I don’t wear a mask because it’s unhealthy unless I am forced to in which case I wear an accepted face shield so that I can breathe AND I am trying to make a political and health statement by NOT wearing one. We are NOT cows waiting for the slaughter. We are humans who can reason. ) Read the first sentence of the Georgia Guidestones also known as Georgia Stonehenge supported by the left elitists .

      Go to Videos.Utahgunexchange .com and get
      “The Epic Times” at $1 for the first month.

      Patriots unite or we will lose our country like China , Cuba, and Venezuela did !!!

  4. I believe the Dems. Committed many crimes against the previous President especially Nancy Pelosi she has incited violence by ripping up the presidents state of the union address by calling him names writing mean things on twitter this all has incited violence within in her own party just look at BLM and Antifa for over one hundred days last summer they destroyed city’s bisnesses they even wanted him dead they were inciting violence against all people that were in his administration Nancy let,people in her own cactuses say unbelievable things they all should be impeached and the new Vice President kamala was in on getting these bad people out of jail she should also be gone !!!

    • The first impeachment was based on his supposed collusion with Russia over the election which facts came to light showing all the evil ones were responsible for it all and not Trump. Doing all of this is only strengthening the MAGA and not making their post any easier. I felt that they should have all been charged with falsifying information and for treasonous acts with Russia, among other things. The list includes O’bummer, Clinton and many others! They have no shame, Chucks words come out with flames attached to the bs!

  5. Clearly this is little more than a gesture. She probably won’t get getting invited to the White House for dinner, and the career Swamp Dwellers in both parties will shun her. That’s why WE need to impose TERM LIMITS at the next primary election time. Democrat or Republican, if you’ve been in the House ten years, you’ve got to go; Senate 12 years, get out.

    I wonder how many papers and TV news will report the entire text of this impeachment effort. It’s just nice to hear the truth once in a while.

  6. Based on just the facts, this should be a “slam dunk,” but we all know that won’t be the case because the Dems make up their own “facts” and get away with it — every time!

  7. We should also go after the people who want to get rid of the senators and congressmen who stood up for Trump!!. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

  8. What Dems and Libs (Beasts) did to President Trump for four years is despicable, It is time for us Republicans to show them the meaning of an eye for an eye, and what goes around comes around.
    That clown for President we ended up with needs to go or this country goes down for good.

  9. Seriously – a republican wants to give Biden a chance to see how it goes? – WAKE UP STUPID PEOPLE – this is a third term obummmmer disaster. Biden is nothing more than a pathetic demented hollow man being used as a puppet – Biden even admitted he didn’t even know what he was signing in all those first day executive orders!!! I give him 3 months in president position and then he will be sent to a “home” for the old people with dimentia and Alzheimer’s. The entire fraudulent votes has been a disgrace to our country to even imagine politicians so greedy for power and control that they will go to ANY EXTREME measure to get their way. God please save America from the beasts who now govern.

  10. What good will that do, if it could even happen with the Demorats in total control of our government? We’d only end up with Harris, who is probably much worse than Biden. At any rate the Elitists are the ones in control of the Demorats and probably quite a few Rhino’s to. It’s their One World Government agenda at work here. Now that they got the roadblock Trump out of the way they’ll pretty much have their way with this administration (no matter who is the lead figurehead). It is my humble opinion that God has lost all favor for this nation after decades of throwing Him under the bus and this is the leadership He has given us. And I believe this nation deserves this scum. For too long God fearing people have sat back and acted like nothing could destroy this great nation and we ignored all the blasphemy that was taking place. Now people ask Him to help us? I’d be surprised if He did!

  11. کاغذ دیواری‌ها در جنس‌های گوناگونی تولید می‌شوند ، اما بیس و پایه تمامی کاغذهای دیواری از چوب و درخت است در طی پروسه تولید کاغذ دیواری پس از اینکه طرح مورد نظر توسط تیم طراحی انتخاب شد آن را با رنگ‌های مختلف و بر روی کاغذ‌های متفاوت امتحان می‌کنند تا مناسب ‌ترین گزینه را پیدا کنند.

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