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    Why Biden Really Needed Democrats To Keep Senate

    The Democrats have managed to maintain their control of the Senate. This means that Republicans are going to have a harder time blocking President Joe Biden’s agenda for the next two years. Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto won reelection on Saturday. This allowed the Democrats to secure the 50 seats needed for the Senate to […] More

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    Biden Receives Massive Blowback

    President Joe Biden has been facing criticism after he spoke about shutting down coal plants. The outrage over this announcement shows that while the industry is in decline, it can still influence American politics. On Friday, Biden said that they would be shutting down coal plants and switching to wind and solar energy across America. […] More

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    Biden Sued For Massive Sum

    A Native American tribe, located in northwestern California, has sued the Biden administration over contractors who allegedly have not been made by the U.S. Department of Interior to pay the necessary money for the river restoration project. The Hoopa Valley Tribe notes that the laws in place require contractors to pay for the restoration efforts […] More

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    Trump Tees Off on Biden

    Former President Donald Trump knocked his successor, Joe Biden, after teeing off at the Saudi-backed LIV Invitation Pro-Am golf tournament in Miami. In the viral clip, Trump hit the golf ball and immediately turned to the camera. “Do you think Biden could do that? I don’t think so,” Trump said, prompting laughter from those in […] More

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    Biden’s Racism Accidentally Spills Out

    President Biden has said that the additional legroom cost charged by many airlines was ‘unfair’ to ‘people of color. Biden has said that his administration was going to be looking at ways of eliminating ‘junk fees’ which often made more comfortable seats a lot more expensive. Biden also said that this is ‘unfair’ to ‘people […] More

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    Biden Makes Secret Saudi Deal Before Midterms

    President Joe Biden and his administration worked extensively to work out a secret deal with Saudi Arabia to ease oil and gas prices right before the midterm elections, even though the Saudis ultimately backtracked. Biden officials scrambled to convince the Saudis not to cut oil production before the midterm elections and thought they had succeeded […] More

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    The Republicans Refusing To Impeach Biden

    Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) on Sunday was hesitant to speak about House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik’s (N.Y.) suggestion that if the GOP takes control of the House, they should impeach President Biden. During an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” co-anchor, Jake Tapper asked Mace whether believed that the President had “committed any […] More

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    Biden’s Presidency Hurting Democrats

    President Biden is viewed by some as a drag down for the Democratic party ahead of the midterm elections. With three weeks until election day, Democrats are scared that Biden’s low approval rates might end up reducing their chances of winning the House and Senate races. The increased rates of inflation and the fear of […] More

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    VIDEO: Biden Humiliates Himself Again

    During his announcement of his student debt handout plan, President Biden was blasted for his reading of the website URL. Biden announced his online application portal that would allow those who earn less than $125,000 to get $10,000 in student loan debt forgiveness. Biden also shared the Federal Trade Commission’s website which can be used […] More

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    Biden Tapping Emergency Oil Reserves to Bribe Voters

    President Joe Biden plans to release even more barrels of oil from the federal government’s strategic reserves to keep gas prices low before the midterm elections. Bloomberg News reports that the Biden administration plans to release another ten million to 15 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Biden’s latest decision marks more […] More

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    Jill Biden Embarrassed on Jumbotron

    Jill Biden was loudly booed at the Eagles vs Cowboys game Sunday night at the Lincoln Financial Field in her home town of Philadelphia (she was born in Jersey and grew up in Philly). Dr. Jill attended the NFL game Sunday night to promote breast cancer awareness. Joe Biden’s nurse and handler Jill didn’t get […] More

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    Biden’s Birthday Met With Despair

    Politico White House bureau chief Jonathan Lemire has said that the President’s upcoming 80th birthday has not generated a lot of excitement in the White House. President Joe Biden is going to be the first person over the age of 80 to be in office. Many expect that Biden’s 80th birthday is going to bring […] More

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