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    Democrats Fume Over Trump’s Latest Victory

    Former President Trump’s digital trading cards were sold out within 24 hours of their announcement. As of Friday morning, the website in which the non-fungible tokens (NFTs)were being sold has written that the item is sold out and that there are no other digital cards available. OpenSea Data, which tracks the sales and markets for […] More

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    Democrats Target Trump Organization

    The Trump organization is on trial for criminal tax fraud as prosecutors claim that for a 15-year period they were avoiding paying taxes by providing huge benefits for their top executives, which included apartments and luxury vehicles. On Monday both the prosecutors and defense lawyers made their opening statement in which they discussed the extent […] More

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    China Declares War on Elon Musk!

    China sees Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites as a threat to their national security. So much so that Beijing has asked for plans from its military officials on how to shoot them down! According to reports, China’s top military researchers are concerned about how easily the commercial satellites, which provide internet service, could be weaponized. The […] More

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    Can CNN Be Saved … And Should It?

    We are seeing more and more reporting about CNN’s precipitous decline in ratings.  The self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” is hemorrhaging viewers at an unprecedented rate – a drop of 90 percent in the past year in key demographic groups. The platform’s most popular programs are garnering ratings as low as 700,000 viewers. CNN […] More

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    Jeff Bezos Invests Billions in Antiaging Biotech Company

    Having conquered space, apparently, billionaire Jeff Bezos is now turning his sights on extending the human lifespan. Bezos, a self-proclaimed “biohacker,” has invested billionaires in a company dedicated to developing antiaging protocols and technologies.   It’s been reported that Bezos has joined a Russian venture capitalist Yuri Milner to invest a total of $3 billion in Altos […] More

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    NY Subway Vigilante Says Rittenhouse Trial is “a Sham” and Politically Motivated

    Infamous New York “Subway Vigilante,” Bernie Goetz says the Kyle Rittenhouse trial is a politically motivated sham perpetrated to “satisfy a mob.”  The stunning murder trial for Kyle Rittenhouse — the young man facing charges for fatally shooting two people and wounding a third in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is “a sham at best,” Goetz told Fox […] More

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    Christmas Market to Segregate Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

    Hamburg’s historic outdoor Christmas market is planning to segregate vaccinated and unvaccinated people this year, with the unvaccinated banned from drinking mulled wine. The market is set to open on November 22nd and run through until December 23rd. Organisers have decided to separate the outdoor market into two, with everyone allowed to go in the […] More

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    Parler’s Ban is an Affront to Free Speech and the Free Market

    This week, in what appears to be a pre-calculated attack by the Silicon Valley tech giants, free-speech social media platform Parler was banned by the Apple store, taken off Google’s app store, and ultimately kicked off their Amazon hosting services. The moves, which were done (ostensibly) in response to the Capitol attack last Wednesday, seem […] More

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