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    Meghan McCain Erupts After Being Called Deranged

    Meghan McCain has responded to Eric Swalwell, the Democratic California Representative after he called her “deranged” for her criticism of the New York Times crossword puzzle that she alleged resembled a swastika. Former The View co-host McCain is one of many Twitter users who shared Sunday’s crosswords to say that this puzzle was posted on […] More

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    Pelosi’s Husband Found Where?

    Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, made the first public appearance he was attacked in October while in his home. In an event at the Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday, Paul Pelosi and President Joe Biden greeted each other before each of them took their designated seats at the 45th annual honors […] More

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    Ocasio-Cortez Apologizes To LGBT Crowd

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., apologized to her followers on Tuesday for not having her pronouns listed in her Instagram bio. The apology was issued as a response to a comment left on her Instagram profile. In the video apology posted she said that she had previously made her pronouns available but they had somehow fallen […] More

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    Biden Makes Secret Saudi Deal Before Midterms

    President Joe Biden and his administration worked extensively to work out a secret deal with Saudi Arabia to ease oil and gas prices right before the midterm elections, even though the Saudis ultimately backtracked. Biden officials scrambled to convince the Saudis not to cut oil production before the midterm elections and thought they had succeeded […] More

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    Kamala’s Latest Lie to Get Ahead

    Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday said that Republicans who claim that she promoted the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), a far-left organization that has bailed violent criminals out of jail, are spreading “misinformation.” This statement is proven false by her own Twitter page. During an interview with CBS News Minnesota’s Esme Murphy, the politician responded to […] More

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    Video: AOC Has Nervous Breakdown

    I’ll admit to having enjoyed the last several months of not writing about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Obviously, there are far more important things going on than what a radical in a deep-blue district says and does. Unfortunately, I’ve got to break the glass and hit the red button regarding this latest incident. Because when one of […] More

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    Top Aide: Mayor Adams is ‘Not Capable’

    A new video from Project Veritas Action has revealed that New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ top aide has doubts about the mayor’s ability to handle the ongoing illegal immigrant crisis in the city, a result of the border crisis created by the Biden administration. Chris Baugh, a member of the Advance Team for Adams, spoke with an undercover […] More

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    Obama Admits His Big Mistake

    Former President Barack Obama is belatedly acknowledging he erred by failing to embrace the Iranian uprising in 2009 known as the “Green Movement” as a new round of protests and strikes rage in Tehran more than 13 years later. “In retrospect, I think that was a mistake,” Obama, said Friday, referring to his administrations tepid response […] More

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    Kari Lake’s Opponent Masterminded ‘Slave Day’

    Democrat candidate for Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs was on a student council that allegedly helped organize her high school’s “slave day” spirit week event, which featured freshman “slaves” submitting to senior “masters,” the Daily Mail first reported Monday. A 1987 Seton Catholic Preparatory School yearbook confirmed by the Daily Caller appears to credit Hobbs, Arizona’s Secretary of State, as a […] More

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    Female Governor Allegedly Grabbed Mans Crotch

    Mark Ronchetti, who is running for Governor of New Mexico against incumbent Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, is taking the gloves off. He dropped an ad hitting Grisham for an alleged act of sexual assault against a staffer. According to James Hallinan, Grisham spilled water on his crouch, grabbed his genitals, and then mocked him. He eventually […] More

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    First Lady of Rock Wants $900k Refund From BLM

    Sharon Osbourne said she wants the £800k ($900k) she donated to Black Lives Matter back following Kanye West’s controversial comments on the movement. Sharon Osbourne, 69, was stopped while walking in Beverly Hills, California, and pressed to share her opinions on the backlash surrounding Kanye West after he presented White Lives Matter t-shirts at Paris […] More

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    Bloomberg Trying to Rig PA Election?

    Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg offered to pour millions of dollars into the Philadelphia election office to pay for poll workers and other election-related expenses during the 2020 election, new emails reveal. The offer from Mr. Bloomberg, a news media and financial services mogul who ranks among the richest men in the world, was arranged through an intermediary […] More

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