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    Inaccurate Political Website Launches Kickstarter For New Septic Tank

    A website highly regarded for its inaccuracies launches Kickstarter account to replace personal septic tank. A dozen follwers of the website were shocked to receive an invite regarding donations towards Randy’s personal septic tank on Friday morning. The website known for publishing chain emails and biased opinions (oftentimes from Randy’s perspective) has fallen on […] More

  • Sharing Data

    Leading Lawmaker Says Sharing Data Is Wrong

    In response to a recent NSA announcement to share more data, U.S. Representative Blake Farenthold said it is just morally wrong to share any data whatsoever. “It goes against everything in the constitution. Nobody needs data. It’s so risky to have some data here and more there – it should never, ever be shared,” Farenthold […] More

  • Character portrait of Donald Trump giving a speech.

    Trump and Anonymous: The War Rages On

    In a video uploaded on March 4th, hacker group Anonymous declared war on Donald Trump. The group said they would have declared the war sooner, but members had underestimated the amount of time it would take to reach agreement upon which three of his several thousand offensive statements were most offensive. After working tirelessly for […] More

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    Cable News Companies Schedule Vacations around Republican Convention

    The Non-Associated Press has reported several major cable news agencies have scheduled vacations for their anchors and executives in advance of the Republican Convention this summer. It is anticipated they will be working double and triple overtime and will need the rest in advance. Recent reports have indicated the higher likelihood of a contested convention […] More

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    Candidates Unite to Not Answer Questions about Speaking Fees

    Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have had enough about questions about speaking fees, according to a new report. This week, both democratic presidential candidates refused to answer any more of these questions. That’s rather odd since Sanders brought up the issue in the first place. Clinton said, “Hey, if people know you, they pay you […] More

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    Hillary Clinton Struggles with Email

    A Donald Trump SuperPAC co-sponsor bike messenger said Wednesday that Hillary Clinton has no idea how to use emails, and the email server scandal is a decoy to cover up that fact. In an unconfirmed statement he said she has “not yet entered the digital age.” The source reported that an unnamed contact revealed Clinton […] More