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    U.S. Cutting Ties With Saudi Arabia?

    OPEC+ nations have decided that they would reduce the levels of oil production. This has resulted in many questions being raised about U.S. relations with other nations, especially in July President Biden visited Saudi Arabia. There have also been calls from congressional Democrats who are asking that the Washington-Riyadh alliance be reassessed, especially regarding weaponry […] More

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    America’s Democrats Worried over Italy’s New Conservative Government

    On Sunday, Italy made history by electing its first ever female Prime Minister. But instead of being thrilled, the mainstream media and Washington DC are worried. The reason? Because the new leader, Giorgia Meloni, is a solid conservative. The victory of the conservative coalition of three right-wing parties was foreseen due to the pre-election popularity […] More

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    Biden’s Latest Embarrassment is Hard to Watch

    Embarrassment and Joe Biden seem to be Siamese twins; where one goes, the other follows. Biden’s upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia to beg for more oil is no exception to this sad state of affairs. Even the leftist media can’t help show the embarrassing situation surrounding this visit. In the presidential race, Biden claimed that […] More

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    Biden Is Throwing Ukraine Under the Bus

    Early on, I expressed my opinion that Ukraine could not defeat Putin unless the west got more directly involved.  That is truer today than ever. Virtually every leader in NATO and the European Union has emphatically said that Putin cannot be allowed to win his unprovoked war on a sovereign nation – and a western […] More

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    US and South Korea Launch Missiles into Sea in Retaliation to North Korea’s Aggression

    On Monday, the U.S. and South Korean militaries launched eight ballistic missiles into the sea in a retaliatory show of force that matched a similar display conducted by North Korea just the day before. The Associated Press reported that U.S. and South Korean forces were conducting a live-fire exercise that involved eight Army Tactical Missile System missiles. […] More

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    China Declares War on Elon Musk!

    China sees Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites as a threat to their national security. So much so that Beijing has asked for plans from its military officials on how to shoot them down! According to reports, China’s top military researchers are concerned about how easily the commercial satellites, which provide internet service, could be weaponized. The […] More

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    Is China Preparing for War?

    Every country is closely watching China. China seems to be preparing for war, and according to reports, the communist country has recently conducted military exercises and drills near Taiwan, making uncertainty fill the air. Last week the US State Department site deleted ‘Taiwan is part of China’, changed the wording on its U.S. Taiwan relations […] More

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    US Diplomats Return to Ukraine!

    As valiant Ukrainians have managed to secure the capital of Kyiv and continue to stave off mounting Russian attacks, the US State Department has announced that our diplomats will be returning to Ukraine! Personnel at the embassy were moved out of the city and into Poland two weeks before Russia invaded the country – now, […] More

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    Macron’s Surprising Win was not a Surprise

    Did anyone really expect Marine Le Pen to win the French presidency?  This is yet another example of the media folks – especially on the left – to get overwrought when some right-wing character surfaces.  In fact, the hyper attention they give folks like Le Pen actually enhances their prominence.  The left first promotes and […] More

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    Highest Ranking Officer Declares “Long War”

    Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Mark Milley has predicted that the conflict in Ukraine will be a long war – possible years to come.  That may be the most pessimistic assessment to date by any military authority.  It also means that Putin wins. Virtually all of Putin’s problems and military shortcomings are contemporary and fixable.  […] More

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