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Democrats Could Not Be More Obvious in Their Efforts to Obstruct Justice

Democrats in the House of Representatives could not make their motivations any more apparent and obvious. They made a mockery not only of congressional oversight on Thursday, but of their own party. They can only take delight in the fact that very few Americans actually watch C-SPAN, because otherwise this shameful display of obstructionism would turn off independents, moderate Democrats, and patriots from sea to shining sea. In case we’re not being clear enough, every Democrat member of the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees should be ASHAMED of themselves for the way they behaved on this day.

The occasion, of course, was the highly anticipated public testimony of disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok. Now, to give Strzok a bean’s worth of credit, he – unlike his partner in crime (and other things) Lisa Page – at least didn’t try to weasel out of his obligations here. He appeared before the committees and, considering the evidence against him, actually did pretty well under the intense lights. If it weren’t for the fact that he already convicted himself in his own words, we might have actually come away from this thing thinking that maybe the case against him is unfair. Unfortunately, there’s no explanation he can give that rightly acquits him from the anti-Trump biases he so clearly displayed in those many, many text messages.

But far more shameful than Strzok (on Thursday, at least) were the Democrats on the panel. Instead of trying in good faith to get to the bottom of an important question – whether or not Strzok allowed his biases to color his FBI work – they spent the day grandstanding and battling Republicans, who actually WERE trying to get answers. And it started from the very beginning, as Rep. Bob Goodlatte attempted in vain to get Strzok to answer a simple question.

After passing on a question from Rep. Trey Gowdy, Strzok said that there were certain questions about the Russia investigation that he was not going to answer under instruction from FBI lawyers. At that point, Goodlatte jumped in to remind Strzok of his obligations: “Mr. Strzok, you are under subpoena and are required to answer the question.”

That’s when Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) jumped in to protect the witness, calling a point of order and telling the chairman that Strzok was entitled to refuse the question. Goodlatte told him that his point of order was not well received and this led to period of all-out mayhem as Democrats – Nadler, Sheila Jackson-Lee, and David Cicilline among them – kept interrupting the hearing in defense of Strzok.

“Mr. Chairman is it not appropriate to also interject the attorney client privilege which cannot be overridden?” Jackson Lee said at one point.

This was a circus in the very worst sense of the word. If Strzok is claiming some form of privilege, let him do it. And let him accept the consequences if that privilege is invalid. It’s not up to the Democrats to jump in and “save” him from the meanie-face Republicans, just because they’re afraid that the FARCE that is the Russia investigation will suddenly be exposed for the world to see.

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  1. Only one set of rules for democrats and no rules for republicans. The DOJ will not prosecute any one from the FBI any other person that is against Trump no matter how many crimes they commit.

    • The Democrat Party has gone to the dark side and become Communist and will hereafter be referred to as the DEAMONCRAT PARTY.
      Walk away from the Party as I did along with Ronnie did when He said: ‘the Party left me”.
      The Party has become more than just obstruction oriented They now endorse violence like the Bolshivecks did One Hundred Years ago when (first Lenin) Stalin sent as many as 66 Million people to Their deaths in the GULAG in the UTOPIA They promised the useful idiots that allowed Them the power to do so.

      • I agree with you BUT you are a bit late with recognizing when the democrats evolved into communists. It was already starting when FDR was in the WH. He had registered communists in his cabinet. The reason it is more apparent to you now is that the tainted election that put Obama into the WH opened Pandora’s Box to the very radical version of these people. They were so sure that Obama would rebuild America into a socialist state and then pass the future off to Clinton that they jumped the gun on exposing their true agenda. Despite the DNC and Clinton doing everything possible to continue the destruction of America, a majority of Americans still detest and fear socialism so that those that had not voted in decades came to the polls to stop the train wreak. Now the job is keeping the things that Trump is doing without the help of the GOP Establishment. Ridding the GOP of it’s over abundance of RINO’s is of critical importance.

    • Lets give the Sissy Mary Counterfeiter a PURPLE HEART!
      Let’s give Steve Cohen from Tennessee ANAL ORIFICE OF THE CENTURY AWARD!

      How dare this douche-bag belittle that BEAUTIFUL AWARD!!!!

      SEMPER FI!

  2. Well, Democrats are in constant fear now that the light is shining on capitol hill. From Maxine Waters to Jerrold Naddler, they are in fear. This November will be the real Republican/Conservative turn around. We will be voting and it already shows. It is an absolute certainty that the Democrats, Liberals, Fascists and Communists are continually losing ground. The conservative is a must be to bust the Democrat stronghold on America. They practically tore our Republic and Constitution apart.

  3. This is nothing new for members of Congress on both sides. It’s always a circus. People are more concerned about getting votes than about anything else … unless it’s about making tons and tons of money as tax payer expense. Who do you think is picking up the tab for these shenanigans?

    • This is exactly why the SWAMP needs to be drained. Did You ever see Jimmy Stewart in :

  4. You have all forgotten that Mueller, Comey and everyone but Strzok were and are all Republicans. Strzok was a Republican until he faced the reality that Trump was in bed with the Russians to fix the 2016 election and had no choice but to follow his nose. What else could he do? if any Democrat had been caught doing the same thing, Their political heads would have been burried a long time ago.

    • The last indictments handed in by Mueller just simply showed that Obama knew Russia was interfering and did nothing, isn’t this called aiding and abetting on Obama part? Where are the freaking arrest warrants for Obama, he is the guilty party after all

  5. I can understand trying to protect the Democrat Party, but what about the country they are suppose to be serving? The democrats have lost their freekeh minds and is so obvious their bias it smells. You would think, or even hope they would be at least a little open to some facts, but they lie, mislead, and obstruct everything, trying to cover up for a bunch or self centered mindless savors of the country. It is beyond sick, it is almost treasonous.

  6. One of those Democrat Doofuses said during the hearing that Storzk deserved a Purple Heart ! Unbelievable, a Purple Heart for trying to stop Trump for being elected and using his bias to start some phony investigation which started with a phony dossier.

  7. They are not Democrats, and the RINOS. are not Republicans they are Political Zionist/Communist who Albert Pike talks about…Their job it to bring down Western Culture/Government/Civilization like they have done in other Countries…

  8. When the democrats starting sucking up to him in the most sickening manner, the liar and cheater on his wife, sat there beaming like a sponge and never uttered a word. When the republicans questioned him, he immediately jumped in before their questions weren’t even finished and took over the floor. That sickening smug look while answering, “I don’t recall.” How did this man get that many years under his belt with the FBI with a moronic memory like displayed? Similar to hillary when she was being grilled. Remember the hundreds of, “I don’t remember.” I can’t believe a unit like the FBI would keep this liar on in such a prestigious outfit like the FBI. Fire this clown.

  9. It’s too late for the communist democrats. They have gone off the deep end and totally lost their minds. All we can do is vote them out of office and hope we never see another one elected.

  10. You are telling your suckers that the Democrats are obstructing justice. That is comical. The Republicans did every thing they could to get Strzok to give them inside information on the investigation so they could help stupid Trump beat the wrap They all failed Strzok, Mueller and Rosenstein are too smart. Trump on the other hand thinks he can walk back his stupid statement about Russian collusion about the election but he just sounded stupid. There is no smarts in the Republican Party.

  11. We have seen this over and over again with Hillary, Obama, lynch, walter’s we must remember there is only one set of rules for the demo-rats and another for the republican’s. And remember the DOJ will not prosecute any one from the FBI any other person that is against Trump no matter how many crimes they commit., but want to bury any wrong doing of any and all republicans especially those that support Trump. Peter, Rosentein and Mueller are corrupt, evil and very smart. President Trump however is way smarter then any of them, and the evil corrupt party will lose in the end and Justice will be served. If not here on earth being charged they will be charged by an honest judge, GOD HIMSELF so there days of freedom are numbered and their day of judgement is coming closer each day….and their punishment will be billion fold of what they have caused our nation, and her people, with all their corruption and evilness over the last 40 plus years. JUSTICE WILL WIN, as corruption sinfulness, are evil and that will lose.

  12. Last I heard if it was YOU or I who did this OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE YOU & I would be arrested and thrown in JAIL. WHY THE F*U*C*K ISN’T THE FBI ARRESTING THESE DAM dumbocrat SONS OF BITCHES ANYWAY? There should be no more no more kindness to shithead dumbocrats who want to screw up THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Throw all of them in jail!

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