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Nancy Pelosi Hates Gerrymandering…Unless Democrats Are Doing It

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has spoken out frequently and strongly against the practice of gerrymandering – a term that refers to elected officials redrawing voting districts in such a way that makes it easier for their parties to win in future elections. But despite Pelosi’s on-the-record condemnation of the practice, she apparently felt no compunction about giving $300,000 to a Democrat group that…is geared towards gerrymandering districts in favor of the party.

According to FCC records, Pelosi funneled that amount from her leadership PAC into the National Democratic Redistricting Committee last year. This would seem to be in contradiction to her 2019 remarks, in which she slammed the Supreme Court for upholding the practice. At that time, she said gerrymandering threatens to “compromise the integrity of our democracy.”

“This ruling greenlights the unjust and deeply dangerous practice of gerrymandering, which robs Americans of their right to have an equal voice in their government,” she said. “Traditionally underserved communities, especially communities of color, risk losing the representation and resources they rightfully deserve.”

It’s not clear what changed Pelosi’s mind between then and now. We wouldn’t dare suggest that it’s merely to do with which party happens to have the money and the power!

Now, of course, the NDRC doesn’t advertise itself as a group looking to gerrymander districts into Democrat domination. Led by former Attorney General Eric Holder, the group portrays itself as an anti-gerrymandering organization dedicated to bringing back fair, reasonably-drawn voting districts.

“There’s no other way to put it. Since 2011, Republicans gerrymandered the country more aggressively than at any time in our history. The result? Your vote might not count the way you think it does. It’s wrong — and we’re here to fix it,” the NDRC says on their website. “We’re dedicated to a comprehensive redistricting strategy that shifts the redistricting power, creating fair districts where Democrats can compete.”

But see…that’s gerrymandering! Does anyone really believe that Holder and the rest of the lefties involved in this group are going to go into states and push for perfectly-square, blind districts that take nothing but geography into account? Of course not. This isn’t about eliminating gerrymandering; it’s about making sure Democrats are given a chance to do it in such a way that lets THEM win instead of Republicans.

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    • I actually testify at a hearing with 180 page original document. I was told that I have to reduced the document to no more than 60 pages. This document proved that the Republican Party was attempting to cheat using software for redistricting that was not in compliance with the Florida state constitution. My report showed at the hearing they had left out a key component call “Geospatial software” which prevents gerrymandering. At the hearing I was limited to three minutes to make my hearing presentation, the full 60 page report was filed with the State of Florida.

      This report doesn’t include the fact that there are 1.4 million US citizens living in Florida who are denied the right to register and vote.

      So you want to talk about corruption as the Republican’s are the most documented corrupt political party when compared to Democrats.

      If you want to read my report filed in Florida go to:

  1. The whole covid-19 bill is chock full of gerrymandering ! I call it gratuities , getting money for passing a bill of bullshit , it’s kickbacks , handouts , it’s how the get very very rich . And should not be allowed to continue . Most companies don’t allow it . It’s a firing offence . I’m sure we need to divide America 50 50 democrates from Republicans , and we’ll get along just fine . I’m tired of it’s there way or no way .

  2. Nancy Pelosi is as crooked and evil as they come. She will do anything to make sure the Democrats win everything again, just like the last time. It is time that she be outed and then impeached as the Leader of the House of Representatives. Most American have had enough of her fits. She wants everything that she can get.

  3. Lol, what a joke. I just love it when the DemoRats say that this would hurt “PEOPLE OF COLOR”. I just can not believe how important race and color of one’s skin is in today’s America. It is White people who are openly being discriminated against. Is it my fault that most Black children grow up never knowing their father? Is it my fault that most Black kids never finish high school? Is it my fault that most Black males have criminal records by the time they are 18? Try being a white family and move into a Black community. See how long you will last yet a Black family could move into a White community and for the most part they are welcomed until more blacks move in then crime goes way up, property values go way down and that once beautiful community turns into a ghetto.

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