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NY Lawmaker Slams Pelosi for Calling Soleimani Strike “Disproportionate”

Patriotic Americans of all partisan stripes should be absolutely disgusted by the way the Democrats have reacted to President Donald Trump’s effective, precise, meaningful destruction of one of the worst terrorists walking the planet. The killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani was not only a step forward in terms of international justice and peace, it was a strategically brilliant move that has Iran’s leadership thinking twice about poking the bear in Washington. They know now, if they didn’t before, that they are no longer dealing with Barack Obama.

But fair enough, you can disagree. You can certainly offer informed criticism of Trump’s decision, just as you can disagree about any decision a president makes at home or abroad. That’s the beauty of the First Amendment – we are free to criticize our government until the cows come home.

That said, there is a right way and a wrong way to offer that criticism. And if you’re going to disagree with President Trump’s decision to authorize this strike, you ought to find a way to do it that doesn’t simply echo Iranian propaganda. Especially if you’re the sitting Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“American leaders’ highest priority is to protect American lives and interests,” tweeted Nancy Pelosi. “But we cannot put the lives of American servicemembers, diplomats and others further at risk by engaging in provocative and disproportionate actions.”

We’re talking, mind you, about the death of a man whose hands are covered in the blood of hundreds of American troops. But because he’s a high-ranking poobah in the Iranian terrorist system, his death is “disproportionate”? How dare you, Nancy Pelosi.

“Disproportionate?” asked Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) on Fox News Friday night. “How many more hundreds of US troops have to be killed before it’s proportionate? How many more thousands of US troops have to lose limbs before it’s proportionate, Nancy Pelosi? This was done to protect American diplomats and service members. It was an emergency. It was done effectively. It was appropriate.”

Pelosi and the Democrats have proven over the last few days that they will take a contrary, critical stance to anything and everything this president does. That’s not leadership, that’s just partisanship for the sake of pandering to the base. And if that’s all they have to offer at a time of great international tension, then they should do the United States a favor and shut the hell up.

What do you think?

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  1. This pathetic woman does not belong in any part of our government nor should she be considered a citizen of America. She’s pathetic as are the rest that say Trump should not have killed Soleimani. If a police officer kills a mass murderer, should he be reprimanded for killing him or should he let the murderer go to kill again? Pathetic.

    • They don’t think rationaly,they only know hate for Trump for beating them in the election and they are willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to fed their hatred. If he gained world peace,they would hate him for it,that’s just how the are.

  2. Nancy is at heart a Mafia Don’s daughter. She learned political corruption at his knee.. It is time to retire this drunken senile ,corrupt, old hag to the dust bin of history with all of the riches she gained from inside trading and other nefarious corruptions.. She also has a son Paul Pelosi who was , like Hunter Biden involved in extremely high payouts from Viscoil oil in the Ukraine and also not able for the rest of his life permitted into sales of securities because he was running a mafia Penny stock pump and dump scheme to defraud old folks. He was punished by the securities and exchange commission.

  3. When is this drunken person going to be removed from office? She definitely is anti-American and is either part of the enemy or just plain crazy! She has made some of the most idiotic statements lately that I would suggest that she is also filled with hate that it has consumed her mind!

  4. So far, all I have read today is that the Democrats have run back to the FAILED OBAMA OFFICIALS who precipitated all of this by handing over Billions to the Mullahs in order to get a Nuclear deal that they never abided by and was never verified except to verify it was being ignored. They ask these paragons of virtue and elite knowledge about whether Killing a Monster who mutilated thousands with IED’s and the newer EFP bombs that penetrated even armored vehicles. He had expanded the Persian Empire to its greatest extent in over 2000 years with proxies all over the Middle East. He was on a UN, no-travel list and was not to leave Iran, but he was killed in Iraq. Why? He was there to kill Americans and attack the Embassy. He had one kill on his list and Trump said not to kill Americans. He had shown restraint until that line was crossed. Oops. I guess we know where the line is now, right Ayatolllah?

  5. No Dems and no RINOs in November. We need common sense people in place that will actually work for the good of all the people of this country. Trump has accomplished a lot, but imagine what could have been done had the Democrats not obstructed at every turn. Lets give him and his agenda four years with a functional government and see what it’s like. The dems are terrified of that and that’s why they are so desperate

  6. We are a self government charged with supporting the Constitution.
    Almost all Democrats are aimed at a coup to take down the President.
    There is more then enough evidence to charge them for treason.
    So what aren’t the other two branches doing their job to protect we the people from these non American terrorist infiltraiters being prosecuted and hanged for Treason

  7. Time for a special election to get that broom riding scarecrow out and send her back to the cesspool she calls home

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