7 Similarities Between Conservative Democrat Beliefs and Republican Views

When you look at conservative Democrat and Republican views, you’ll often see the differences blurred. Conservative Democrats lean more towards the right than your traditional Democrat, and many of their views can be seen as middle-of-the-road.

1.     Both Love Spending Money

As much as I wish this were a joke, it’s partially true. Both have out of control spending habits that has resulted in $17 trillion in debt. While they may spend money differently, both sides can’t seem to find a happy medium when it comes to spending.

To be fair, conservative Democrats do try to push balanced spending bills.

2.     Slow Same-Sex Adoption

Republicans are against same-sex marriage, while Democrats are for it. Conservative Democrats are in the middle. The group has petitioned for federal language that defines marriage as one man and one woman.

3.     Abortion Rights

Similar to Republicans, conservative Democrats agree that abortion is acceptable when the mother or child is in danger. While the conservatives may not be fully against abortion like their Republican counterparts, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have similar views.

4.     Taxes

Republicans are in favor of lower taxes, and conservative Democrats believe that tax breaks should be given as well. It’s a fine line, but both want fair taxes that don’t necessarily punish the rich for making more money.

Conservatives want tax breaks for the working class and not the wealthy, but they’re not calling for higher taxes either.

5.     Strong International Presence

Stances on international policy on both sides seem to want the same thing: a strong world presence. While both groups bicker and disagree on the War on Terrorism, there’s no denying that both want the United States to have a grand presence on the world stage.

6.     Both Oppose Illegal Immigration

A major discussion during this year’s elections. Immigration has been a hot topic, and while conservatives don’t agree in forced deportation of illegals already residing in the country, they are opposed to illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration has played a big role in Donald Trump’s successful campaign, and both parties tend to agree: illegal immigration needs to go. But how the issue is handled will require a much different approach from both sides.

7.     Power in the Hands of the People

Conservative Democrats believe that there is too much power in the hands of the government. The belief is that power should be given back to the people rather than remain all in the government.

Republican and conservative Democrat views are difficult to discern because a lot of conservative Democrats view themselves as Republican. When trying to make the distinction, it’s important to remember that conservative Democrats want a fair policy that is clearly written.

While Democrats may be for abortion, conservatives and Republicans alike are only for abortion in some circumstances.

A good example of this is a woman that is pregnant with a healthy child. Both parties would be against the abortion unless carrying to full term posed a risk to the life of the mother. In this case, abortion would be allowed under both beliefs.

Written by Andrew


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