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Education Majors Required to Learn “Pyramid of White Supremacy”

Anyone who knows an elementary school teacher bravely trying to keep up with the nonsense idiotic politicians are throwing into the classrooms these days will understand that the LAST thing we need to saddle these teachers with is a bunch of social justice, racist BS. Kids are being forced into fragmented, test-driven curricula from the moment they step into kindergarten because the powers that be wouldn’t know how to teach a class if their life depended on it. Thus, they outsource standards to politicians who know even less than they do and to book publishers whose only interest is in selling textbooks and software. It’s a sad situation in desperate need of reform.

So what do we have the next generation of elementary school teachers learning? Well, at Salisbury University in Maryland, they’re learning the “Pyramid of White Supremacy.” Yes, this is a required course for all elementary education majors at the public college – a class in which students will learn all about how white people are evil, oppressive and systematically advantaged over every other minority in America.

The course, which is actually called “Diversity and the Self,” teaches the Pyramid as a way of explaining to impressionable young would-be educators all the ways in which white supremacy harms others.

“This class was extremely difficult to get through if you did not think like a liberal,” one student told Campus Reform. “Instead of teaching diversity, this class taught us that being white was a bad thing. We were told that we were only privileged because we are white and basically we did not actually work for what we have.”

In case you’re not fortunate enough to live near the Salisbury campus, here’s a picture of the Pyramid for your own edification:



No one who knows anything about the state of public education today can deny that we have some problems that need to be addressed. Perhaps college educators in this area should be more focused on turning out excellent teachers and less focused on pushing their racist identity politics. Just a thought.

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