Liberal Washington Post Praises Fox News

The Washington Post, known for its liberal views, made a surprising move by praising Fox News in a recent post, calling the news outlet “fair and balanced.”

After December 8’s Republican debate, Donald Trump complained about lines of questioning he called “unfair.” Shortly after, Bill O’Reilly, Fox News host, gave the presidential hopeful an opportunity to air out his grievance with CNN. But Trump was more interested in complaining about Fox News instead.

When Bill O’Reilly asked Trump if he thought CNN disliked him, Trump went on to say that he felt CNN gave him better press than Fox. O’Reilly quickly replied, stating that Fox News was the toughest network.

Trump has been complaining about Fox News for months now. It all started when Megyn Kelly, Fox News host, asked a debate question that didn’t sit well with Trump. Kelly confronted the GOP frontrunner about his direct attacks on women. Naturally, Trump responded the next day with a derogatory remark about Kelly. Trump has continued to criticize both Megyn Kelly and Fox News ever since.

More so than any other network, Fox News has gotten under Trump’s skin by asking the tough questions. And the Washington Post feels that Fox has done a great job of offering “reasonable critiques” on Trump’s ideas of building a wall along the Southern border and barring Muslims from entering the U.S.

The Post went on to say that Trump isn’t the only candidate being vetted by Fox. Recently, Ted Cruz came under fire when Bret Baier highlighted the fact that Cruz’s most recent stance on not supporting legalization of illegal immigrants was not consistent with his stance just two years ago.

The online publication also praised Fox News for their interview with Ben Carson after the terrorist attacks in Paris. Chris Wallace grilled Carson during a 10-minute interview that focused on foreign policy. The exchange reaffirmed the fact that the former neurosurgeon had little command over an issue that has been attributed to his decline.

During the primary season, Fox’s notorious conservative reputation can be seen as an asset. The network can be tough on GOP candidates, which will make Fox News appear less bias. On the other hand, MSNBC, a liberal competitor, may appear to be more biased when confronting and challenging GOP candidates.

Fox News is also well aware of the fact that Republican voters view them as more credible than other news sources. A Pew Research survey in 2014 showed that 88% of participants that considered themselves conservative stated that they trusted Fox News. There’s no doubt that Fox’s analysis and news coverage carries a lot of weight with conservatives, and thus far, the network has done a great job at being fair and balanced.

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