Mueller’s Secrecy is About to Cost Him His Case Against Russia

As far as we can tell, Robert Mueller has only one thing to show for his time as special counsel.

If we recall that Mueller was originally appointed to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election, then the charges his office brought against Russian companies and citizens earlier this year are the only evidence that he’s actually been doing his job.

Oh yes, he’s got a doozy of a case against Paul Manafort (for crimes that have nothing to do with the election). And yes, he seems to have wrung a guilty plea out of Michael Flynn (for lying to the FBI, even though the FBI “did not detect deception” when interviewing him). And he was apparently involved in some way in the Michael Cohen fiasco, which appears to have less to do with Russia and more to do with a porn star.

But as far as the actual SUBJECT OF HIS INVESTIGATION? Yeah, this was all he had.

And now, because his team is so determined to keep the nature of their investigation a secret, he could lose even that.

According to Politico, attorneys Eric Dubelier and Kate Seikaly, representing one of the Russian firms named in the indictment, have asked the court to provide “nonpublic details about the case and the investigation.” This would be a little thing called discovery, which the defense is entitled to. Politico phrased it as such: “The move appeared to be a bid to force Mueller’s team to turn over relevant evidence to the Russian firm and perhaps even bait prosecutors into an embarrassing dismissal in order to avoid disclosing sensitive information.”

Well, you could just…you know…hand over the evidence, like any other prosecutor would.

But Mueller doesn’t want to do that because Mueller doesn’t give a damn about Manafort, Flynn, or these Russian charges. He has one big fish in mind and it’s the President of the United States.

Now he’s on the verge of having his highest-profile indictments dismissed because he thinks the office of the Special Counsel is above the law.

Things are not looking good for Mr. Mueller right now. This news comes hot on the heels of some damning comments from the judge in the Manafort case, who accused the special counsel’s team of being well astray from their Justice Department mandate by trying to tie decade-old crimes to the scope of their investigation. The judge in that case correctly surmised that the prosecutor was merely trying to get Manafort to flip on Trump and demanded that they provide evidence that Manafort’s crimes were within their jurisdiction. The special counsel is reluctant to provide that evidence. Either it doesn’t exist, or Mueller is again damning himself with his own secrecy.

As Andrew McCarthy noted in National Review this week, prosecutions rely on secrecy to some extent for success. But, as he said, there are things more important than secrecy, and the public’s faith in the President of the United States would be one of those things. It’s well past time for Mueller to lay his cards on the table: Is Donald Trump a criminal suspect or not?

And if so, what is the crime?  

What do you think?

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    • Always said it was a waste of Tax-payers’ dollars which could be spent on something more constructive.

  1. Criminal Robert Mueller is a disgrace to himself and the democrat party who needs to be prosecuted and castrated or shot. We need to question Mueller and Sessions to find out whose payroll are they on? Are they being paid by George Soros? Their bank accounts need to be subpoenaed to find out where is the money coming from. They should be sued and assets seized to repay the tax payers.

    • If he is supposed to investigate collusion with Russia to influence the 2016 elections, why isn’t he investigating Hillary Clinton? Oh, I forgot. She’s Hillary Clinton. Never mind.

      “Rosanne Rosanna Danna”

    • I am afraid that the salaries of these two criminal assholes COMES OUT OF OUR OWN POCKETS!!! We are paying these criminals.

  2. You are really dumb about investigations. what you call “secrecy” is how investigations work. Trump wants to know what is coming so he can lie and use propaganda to blunt the impact before it hits the credible news outlets. If the Trump side would just tell the truth it would all be over in a week but this card castle of lies can not, will not stand.

    • The special counsel was shocked when the two attorneys showed up in court on behalf of the Russian company Concord, they thought they would never answer the subpoena called there bluff special counsel ask for a continuance but was denied by Judge Kimba Wood and now Mueller and Company are looking like the POS the 13 Russian indictments were for show that is all.

    • Ray. They have come clean. The “evidence” doesn’t exist. It was made up by your crooked party. Trump isn’t doing anything you wouldn’t do in the same situation. Try and drop the playground level manipulation and discuss the issues. Ray: “OH MY GOD! TRUMP BREATHES AIR!!!!!! What can we do??? Waaaaaa!!!!”
      You operate as a typical left wing surface thinker, who forms his opinions on either the first emotional reaction to an issue or believes the DNC propaganda to be his Gospel.
      Here’s the truth Ray; (I will assume you are a Democrat by your comments) Your party just flat sucks. It’s full of child molesters, rapists, liars and criminals. (Before you try it, I’m not a Republican). You dumbass useful street idiots believe that the Democrat Party is some champion of the little guy and is the Savior of minorities and the repository of all that is good. This is not so. People like Soros and Tom Steyer don’t care who dies as long as power is attained.
      Take a look at Venezuela. ? Yes, MSNBC and CNN won’t tell you of the consequences of Socialism, because omission is propaganda too.
      They won’t show you that these systems collapse with regularity and that decades of misery precedes the final chapter. In Venezuela, (an oil-rich OPEC member), the monetary system collapsed due to socialist policies. The Venezuelans have long since eaten the Zoo animals. I am waiting for the reports of Cannibalism. Your Parties’ leadership won’t tell you that they don’t care about dead students unless they were killed with a gun. They won’t tell you that they would never abolish the 2nd Amendment because it is too big of a weapon to set aside. It’s too valuable not to use it. Your Party revs up the hate, and then the marginally unstable amoung us take up weapons and kill. I lay this at the feet of the Democrats. You have blood on your hands.
      Your Party has collapsed and the Narcissistic meltdowns are just hilarious to watch.
      We on the right wing are laughing loud and hearty about all the Joe Six-pack Union members who crossed over to vote for Trump.
      You need to examine your myopic view of politics, and determine what is really important here. Is it the success of your party and the vindiction of your ego that you chase, or a better life for all. I do know one thing. Black Americans and other minorities are bailing as they can now see the lies and abandonment by the Dems for a new group: Illegal Immigrants!
      What a Party!

    • Mueller has a long history of botched investigations, political pandering (to the Left), and sending innocent people to prison.

      One man who was innocent served 23 years, before being released. He committed suicide.

      Mueller has a history of going after his enemies, and not letting laws, truth or objectivity stand in his way. He is driven by, and subservient to, Left-wing, Democratic wishes.

    • Trump has been telling the truth. He is President because he was voted in, by the people of America, not because of Russian propaganda. When will you people come to terms with the truth????????

        • I love this response… so intelligent , so articulate …..and this ladies and gents is your typical dumbacrat……there you have it !!
          There is no reasoning , there is no conversation there is stupidity plain and simple……. stupid is forever….


    • Smarty Pants you are indeed! Mueller is the one who approved the Russian Deal for Corrupt Hillary Clinton, along with Rosenstien and Muellers best Friend Comey. All of them were politicalized by the Obama Administration (Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Hillary, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstien) All of them bascially shook PUTIN’S hand as he got 20% of America’s Uranium just for “paying to play” with Hillary for a donationation into her Slush Fund called the Clinton Foundation “145 Million” Treasonous Deal. Also, Bill Clinton was able to slide 500K into his pocket right from Putin himself for a 45 Minute Speech how to profit through a Clinton! Yet, Obama’s back up Plan with Hillary was to have Fake Evidence produced to stop Trump. This was paid for by Hillary’s DNC with her Russian Money, which COMEY used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump. This is what Mueller has been using all along, a Fake investigation to stop the Media from the crying about the Uranium One Deal. Look with all the dead people voting for Hillary, All the Illegals Voting for Hillary, all the fake names voting for Hillary through absentee ballots, the George Soros owned voting machines made by DEBOLD hacked by Democrats and Hillary still could not when. She got a freebie from Governor Jerry Brown from California 55 electoral votes. Come on people all the old folks woke up and went to vote and their was not a Russian in my voting booth!! LOL

    • You are too use to Obama and the Obama Administrations’ Lies and Deceits. You can’t imagine a President such President Trump being on the up and up. You don’t have to agree with his policies or even like him but he certainly deserves the respect he is due as he is Working for All the American people, which even includes you and your Ilk.

  3. Mueller has been allowed to run wild with his investigation. He hasn’t found one thing about Russian collusion because he went after Trump instead of Clinton. Sessions should have pulled the plug on Mueller a long time ago.

  4. The documentation giving direction to Mueller should not be classified and should be available to the public. If it specifies Russian collusion only Mueller has been done for 7 months. If his job was to find anything that could be overblown to take down a sitting president(Treason) he has still failed. He reminds the historian in me of a man called Beria who told Stalin ” Give me the name of a man and I will find evidence to execute him”. Mueller and the A DA who appointed him should be investigated for sedition at least.


  6. Hillary initiated this whole witch hunt with Mueller the day after she lost the election in accordance with the insurance policy to be put in place if President Trump won. So we have her to thank for all this chaos and the end result is she’s still a LOSER.

  7. I think it’s time for Mueller to put up or shut up……
    I think this would have ended a long time ago, if this investigation was being paid for by the DNC instead of the taxpayers. If they want to investigate something let them pay for it……

  8. I can’t understand why his mandate would be secret unless it is changing as necessary to go where they want to go to get whatever they want.

  9. The special counsel was shocked when the two attorneys representing the Russians’ showed up in court they thought they would never answer the subpoena but called there bluff and special counsel wanted a continuance which was denied they wanted a continuance to manufacture evidence and the judge seen through that.

  10. It’s Time For Muller To End His Liberal Sponcered Witch Hunt And End This Farce This Is A Waste Of Taxpayers Money And All Evidence Points To Obama, Clinton And Others Of The Obama Admin Show The People Your Evidence That Your Hold Secret Or Is It Manfactured To Over Throw The President For Your Liberal Masters Muller You Are No More Than A Shyster

  11. It’s time to start executing deep state members as a warning for anyone else trying this crap. Let’s start with Obozo and Hildebeast.

  12. Mueller has no choice he ether truns it over or take the chance that it all gets thrown out.

  13. Michael Caputo, who Mueller has tried to destroy, nailed it when he called all of this a “crock of Schiff.”

  14. Larry Whiteside
    Over the years I voted both party’s. Never really identified as either a democrat or republican. Served in a US Marine rifle company in Viet Nam 1967-1968. Therefore I think I have earned the right to tell these damned people who are trying to destroy our country to STOP and if you don’t like living in a free country LEAVE IT….I’ve been to cuba before and these people wouldn’t want to live there under the Castros. It is a Cancer that started in our schools just like Hitler did. Our kids know nothing of the history of our nation and how our forefathers sacrificed to make this the only country in the world where freedom is actually still free. These progressives, Socialist or Communists are all one and the same. They sell this crap in school to our kids and we are too busy playing on our phones or running to Wal mart to take an active roll in our kids lives. Wake up America before it’s too late

  15. Larry Whiteside, I fully concur with your comments. Thank you for your USMC service in RVN and Semper Fi!
    Will Wickun
    USMC 1970-1974

  16. This is all a travesty of Justice..a first year Law student understands that ..Law Enforcement is presented with a crime and you find out who did it. The defendant has the right to know AHEAD of time what that crime is….NOT…what Mueller is doing……I have a person (in this case none other then the President) and try to INVENT a crime…ANY crime…such as perjury or another process crime… to pin on him….to have the basis of impeachment when the Democrats take control of Congress……THIS is the REAL plan….and EVERYONE KNOWS IT!

  17. BUT, doesn’t Mueller have to abide by the rules of the court. Specifically the one called discovery? In discovery isn’t he required BY LAW to turn over ALL pertinent information/evidence that he has against Mr Manafort to his attorney? So that he may prepare a “vigorous defense”? And if he refuses to do so, the judge can, I believe, throw the entire case out? Which is exactly what he should do if Herr Mueller refuses to abide by the laws of the land. Throw out the case and shut Mueller down permanently.

  18. People appear to be getting fed up. Mueller does have some “splainin” to do even in the case of the Uranium One Deal, knowing the illegal activity to get it going and letting it occur where there were kickbacks and money laundering confirmed by a 30 year FBI agent who worked undercover to get the proof. And our Mr. Mueller was the FBI director at the time, did nothing to stop the deal. Happy Days Mr. Mueller, as the least you have more reason to recuse yourself than even Jeff Session who only spoke to the Russian Ambassador as a legislator.

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    He was totally right. This publish actually made my day.
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