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Can Trump Rescue the U.S. From Obama’s Foreign Policy Blunders?

No U.S. president in our lifetime has been as ill-equipped to deal with the complexities of America’s international relations as Barack Hussein Obama.

Republicans warned voters in 2008 that the Chicago senator was unprepared to preside over U.S. foreign policy and President Obama has spent eight years confirming their concerns. Time after time, Obama emboldened our enemies, betrayed our allies, and made decisions that moved the world closer to disaster. As excited as we are to see his presidency come to an end, the core of that excitement is an emotion closer to relief. We’re damned lucky to have gotten to this point without a full-blown international crisis.

And with the way Obama has been acting over the past few weeks, Inauguration Day can’t come quickly enough.

That’s what makes it especially frustrating to hear the Democrats talk about Donald Trump as though he’s going to throw geopolitical relations into chaos. What shape is the world in now, if not chaos? Just because our current president is really good at pretending everything is all right doesn’t mean everything is all right. Not by a long shot.

For instance, his dealings with Russia. Obama has spent the last four years condemning Russia, sanctioning their government, and playing chicken with their military in the Middle East. Okay? So what has that gotten us, other than a few steps closer to a second Cold War? What harm can there be in attempting a different path?

And really, Russia is the least of it. When it comes to the Iraq War, ISIS, Syria, Libya, and the nuclear deal with Iran, Obama’s sins went beyond mere naivete. He so thoroughly bungled these situations that Trump will be up to his eyeballs trying to sort them out.

It is possible – perhaps even likely – that catastrophe will come to pass under President Trump’s watch. Not because of anything he did, but because we’d already passed the point of no return long before he was sworn into office. God willing, his administration can turn back the clock on Obama’s foreign policy in time. But it will be a hell of a job.

Written by Andrew

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