Obama Aims to Change Child Support Payment Rules for Prisoners

President Barack Obama is pushing for a reform on how prisoners are required to pay child support. In an effort to help former convicts reenter society, the Obama administration is trying to ease the obligations of prisoners to pay child support while incarcerated.

The administration is working on the proposal, according to sources, but the plan is not finalized.

Prisoners are required to meet the full legal obligation of their child support payments while in jail, leading to insurmountable debt when the prisoner tries to reenter society. The administration will work to lower these obligations, allowing former convicts to reenter society without having to turn to crime to pay their child support debts.

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, blocked a bill last year that was similar in nature.

Republican representatives argue that the change would remove the financial obligations of parents. A Republican representative asserts that Obama is trying to push the change through law in his last weeks in office to avoid the legislative process.

Prisoners often have little-to-no means to make money while in jail. One case involves a prisoner that had his child support payments raised from $50 to $400 while incarcerated, despite earning $40 a month, according to Reuters.

The pile of debt leads to many prisoners leaving with tens of thousands of dollars owed when their prison term is finished.

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