Obama’s Wall St. Speeches Could Cost Him Presidential Pension

Conservatives have been singing songs of Barack Obama’s elitist hypocrisy for years, but only now are his longtime supporters realizing what the rest of us were on about. Because when Obama signed to deliver several Wall Street speeches for the tidy fee of $400,000 per appearance – on top of a book deal worth more than $65 million (!!) – he proved that he had shed his “community organizer” skin long ago. If this guy ever cared one whit about struggling inner-city blacks, he must have lost interest somewhere around the time he discovered just how much a former president could make in the private sector.

Don’t get us wrong, Obama, like any American, is free to go out and take what he’s worth in the marketplace. And we can’t really sit here and argue that we would do any different. But then again, we wouldn’t have spent eight years+ masquerading as the champions of the little guy while quietly setting the stage for the big cash-in. The problem with Obama’s post-White House lottery ticket isn’t that he’s trading it for millions, it’s that he’s still pretending to give one tinker’s damn about the American people he deceived for the entire length of his presidency.

But fine, fine. The guy’s a phony. We knew that already.

But now a few Republicans – and at least one Democrat – in Congress want to make sure the American people don’t have to pay the former president to go on his speaking tours.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Sen. Joni Ernst are teaming up to introduce the Presidential Allowance Modernization Act, which would reduce a former president’s pension dollar for dollar for every outside buck they make. In Obama’s case, it would essentially wipe out his pension for the rest of his life. Not that he will care as he’s rolling in dough, apparently.

Which, again, is okay by us. Go out and milk Wall Street for everything they’re willing to give you, Barry. Why not?

But if we can save a few bucks on the taxpayer side in the meantime, then we don’t see a reason in the world why we shouldn’t. Maybe that money can actually be saved by the people you claimed to support, thus turning it into the first tangible thing you’ve ever done to improve the lives of the American people.


Written by Andrew

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