President Obama to Rally Support for Clinton in Philadelphia

Hillary Clinton’s campaign will get much-needed support on Tuesday following a rough weekend that ended with the Democratic president nominee’s health under question. President Obama will hit the campaign trail for Clinton this Tuesday in Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania has been a firewall state for Democrats, but the state remains a competitive battleground that the campaign is trying to sway in their direction.

Clinton was scheduled to appear in California, but the candidate will be taking a few days off after being diagnosed with a pneumonia. Obama will be rallying support for Clinton on his own on Tuesday.

Quinnipiac University’s polls have Clinton in a 5-point lead over Trump in Pennsylvania. Polls released today have Trump ahead of Clinton by three points in the general election. The poll was conducted by the LA Times. Two NBC polls from today have Clinton ahead of Trump by 2 points and 4 points.

A KABC survey has Clinton 25 points above her rival in California. Johnson has three percent support, while Jill Stein garnered just one percent support in the poll.

President Obama will hold a really outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Tuesday. He will attend a Clinton fundraiser, too, before heading to New York.

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