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A native New Yorker, he spent the first part of his career as a Payroll Manager but  later turned his attention to his true passion, financial writing. Now married with five children, Jacob works from his home. Jacob is married with five children.

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Brendelyn Balaga, Staff Writer – View Stories by Brendel

Brendelyn Balaga is a freelance news contributor covering finance, health, and technology. She is also a digital marketing professional with experience in conceptualizing, executing, and managing campaigns for various brands and clients.

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Diana Polansky, Staff Writer – View Stories by Diana

Diana is a writer and editor with a strong background in theatre and film.

Diana uses her background in the arts to ensure all her content is engaging, informative and tailored to the audience.

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Gavin Lucas, Staff Writer – View Stories by Gavin

Gavin Lucas is a writer and journalist from the UK, expatriated in Asia. He writes on current affairs, money markets, travel and tech

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