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2020 Democrat Wants to Let Illegals Come Right On In and Stay

We recently reported on a story where immigration activists were getting upset because the 2020 Democrats are no longer using “Abolish ICE” as a campaign proposal. But if Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s interview on CBS this Sunday is any indication, they aren’t shying away from extreme platforms when it comes to illegal immigration. Gillibrand doesn’t come right out and say she would dismantle ICE if she were president, but if her policies went into effect, we’re not sure what the agency’s officers would be doing. Playing tiddlywinks, we assume.

Gillibrand told “Face the Nation” that she would implement an open border policy and stop putting illegal border crossers and asylum-seekers into detention facilities. Instead, she would simply let them all go free into America, “knowing” that they would all show back up and go through the proper legal process for refugee status.

“As president of the United States, I would not fund any for-profit prisons, I would not lock up these families, I would have a humane immigration policy where people would have lawyers and have a proper asylum process,” Gillibrand said. “I wouldn’t keep them in detention at all. I wouldn’t use the detention system at all. If someone is seeking asylum, I would assign them a lawyer.”

This struck even the liberal host of “Face the Nation” as far-fetched, and Gillibrand was asked how she would possibly handle the enormous numbers of illegals with this kind of feel-goodery.

She stuck to her guns. “They don’t need to be incarcerated,” she said again “If they’re given a lawyer and given a process, they will follow it. They can go into the community.”

Gillibrand said that Trump’s immigration measures have not worked.

“Trump’s immigration policy is inhumane, ineffective and wrong,” Gillibrand said. “What I would do is actually fund the border security measures that are anti-terrorism, anti-human trafficking, anti-drug trafficking and anti-gun trafficking. And I would defund these for-profit prison systems that are harming children and harming families that are seeking asylum.”

So in other words, as long as you’re not an actual terrorist, a drug smuggler, or a trafficker of some illegal kind, you’ll be free to come on in to Kirsten Gillibrand’s America. Don’t have any money? Great! Don’t have any way of supporting yourself? Who cares? Don’t speak English? Bienvenido!

Gillibrand’s proposal would herald the end of our country, and we’re not even exaggerating a little bit. There are only so many “refugees” our country can take in before we turn into the very place people are fleeing. We can be nice and welcoming and politically correct…or we can actually save the United States. But we’re going to have to make the choice, and we’re going to have to make it really soon.

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