Andrea Mitchell HATES That Jim Mattis Won’t Bash Trump

It has been a lot of fun watching former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis make his media rounds to promote his new book. It’s been fun for two reasons, specifically: One, he has much to say about the leadership failures of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Two, he consistently REFUSES to do what the media wants him to do, which is light into President Trump, the man under whom he served at the top of the Pentagon. This has led liberal hosts from CNN to CBS to practically grab their hair in frustration, and nowhere was that frustration more palpable than when MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell sat down with Mad Dog on Thursday.

“Aren’t our alliances now weaker than they were when you took office?” Mitchell asked early in the interview, already abandoning any pretense of objectivity. “In the last two and a half years, we’ve seen our alliances weakened in NATO. Certainly in Asia and in Europe.”

Mitchell stated her opinion as a fact, but Mattis rejected her assessment.

“I think we’re into the fourth straight year or fifth straight year of the nations, almost all of them, increasing their defense budget. So I could quantitatively NATO’s actually stronger today,” he said.


A few minutes later, she tried from another angle.

“Our reporting is that 127 military projects that were supposed to be underway and also including daycare centers,” she said, referring to Trump’s re-allocation of Pentagon funds. “Daycare centers at Joint Base Andrews are having the money that was appropriated by Congress taken away to, quote, ‘build the wall.’ How is that appropriate? I mean, it’s taking money away from military families. So aren’t you creating a new problem when you spend money, billions of dollars to build a wall that arguably isn’t needed to fulfill a campaign promise and take money away from daycare for military families?

Mattis responded to this political speech calmly: “Yeah, Andrea, having left the administration and laid out in writing and straightforward manner with the President, before I left, that I was leaving on policy differences, I believe in an old French saying of ‘devoir de réserve,’ a period of silence.”

This got under Mitchell’s skin. “I know you don’t want to discuss it,” she said, “but I know you care about the troops and their families.”

By the end of the interview, Mitchell was practically attacking Mattis directly.

“And just finally, you’re taking some criticism because you’re so critical of President Obama and his decisions, Joe Biden’s decisions, George W. Bush, in fact, in Iraq and elsewhere, that you are reluctant to deal with what happened in this – what is happening in this administration. Do you fear that you might be normalizing the decisions of this president because you are so critical of his predecessors?” she asked, plainly just spouting her own opinion.

“Yeah, I don’t think one person can normalize anything,” Mattis said. “Right now I’ve got a lot of faith in the American people to draw their own conclusions.”

Oh, Jim, don’t you know the American people are a bunch of dumb sheep who must be lectured by the elites in New York and Washington? Don’t you know that Barack Obama is a saint whose only critics are white supremacists? Don’t you know that?

Ah, it’s fun when the liberal media doesn’t get what they want. They get quite tantrum-y.

Written by Andrew


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