Barbie Teaches Us All About How White People Are Lazy, Privileged Racists

Well, if you haven’t gotten the message from the leaders of Black Lives Matter, Arthur the mole (or whatever he is), the Sesame Street characters, or the muppets who comprise the Democratic Party, maybe Barbie can convince you that white privilege and black oppression are the most important things in America today. We always wait to form a solid opinion on what’s going on in the country until we hear from Mattel’s popular fashion doll, so we’re glad to finally get her to weigh in on this divisive topic.

Barbie jumped into the racial conversation on Wednesday when she posted a Very Special video chat with her black friend, Nikki, on YouTube. Nikki, of course, has lots of experience being discriminated against for her darker doll paint.

“There is a huge movement going on,” Barbie said. “Millions of people across the world are standing up to fight against racism, and they’re doing this because too often and for such a long time, people have been treated unfairly, and in some cases even hurt by others, because of the color of their skin.”

Nikki then shared a touching story about how she was harassed by security.

“Barbie and I had a sticker-selling contest on the beach last month. We split up and went our separate directions to see who could sell the most. While I was on the boardwalk, beach security stopped me three times. The security officer thought I was doing something bad, even though I was doing exactly the same thing that you were doing,” Nikki said.

Ah, nothing gets you woke more quickly than listening to a toy make up a story about unfair racial prejudice.

“And remember when we were going to join that French honor club at school?” she continued. “Well, I made a perfect score on the entrance test, but when the teacher, who didn’t know me at all, gave me my results, he told me I only did well because I got lucky. He said he knew I couldn’t speak French that well!”

Really? That was the best example Mattel could come up with? If you’re going to do this, why not just go all out and have Nikki claim that someone left a noose in her locker? Then in a couple of weeks, we could learn that Nikki actually put the noose there herself in an attempt to start a race war at Barbie High or whatever.

Anyway, the video concludes when Barbie explains to children what white privilege is all about.

“That means that white people get an advantage that they didn’t earn, and black people get a disadvantage that they don’t deserve!” said Barbie. “When we don’t say anything, we’re just letting it continue!”

Silence is violence, sayeth the doll.

Tune in next week when He-Man and Skeletor have a long talk about the complicated racial dynamics that have governed their decades-long feud.

What do you think?

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Written by Andrew


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  1. I’ve worked all my life and am 73 now. I’am still waiting for those golden years to kick in or my white privilege. Still haven’t seen either.

    • I AGREE with Mike, I’m also still waiting & I’m 75! It’s something the left got in their head & teach all the kids. I had to work hard all my life, nothing was ever given to me & there is no such thing as white privilege or Golden years ( for Me anyhow)! Just survival

  2. This is sick. The racists are the lefts ideology the true colors of those who don’t have anything more to do than to condemn white people. I’m white and I’m not racist. Yes, there are people who hate on both sides and yes there are things that need to change. But how can things have a normal when one side of the isle are calling the whites racist when they themselves are racists. Nothing will change until people stop acting like asses and talk without accusing one another, rioting, shootings and beatings of people and burning down buildings and houses is not a norm. People need to stop this crap and realize that if they don’t clean up their actions they are doomed to failure.

  3. Let me explain to you what PRIVILEGE REALLY IS! It’s wearing $200 sneakers when you’ve never had a job. Owning $300 beat headphones when your living on public assistance. Privilege is having a smartphone that you receive no bill for living in public subsidized housing where you have no water bill. When the rise of property values/rent/energy have no effect on the amount of food you can put on the table. It is the ability to go march/protest about anything that triggers you and not worrying about calling out of work. Privilege is having as many kids as you want regardless of your employment status. I made my own privilege it’s called “HARD WORK” I have a nice home/land w/a bunch of toys on that land that took me over 30 years to acummalate. “PRIVILEGE IS GETTING UP AND DOING IT YOURSELF, RELYING ON NO ONE!” You say I am WHITE PRIVILEGED I am a HighSchool dropout I “GET NO HANDOUTS” and “I SUCCEEDED in this GAME CALLED LIFE” by HARD WORK and PERSEVERANCE So you no what…YOU ALL CAN KMA with your racebaiting BS get up off your SORRY -SSES and make something of yourself. Break “THE demonrat STIGMA OF RACISM THEY HAVE “PUT” AMONG US!” The key to success in this world is to work hard and do what is right. Trying to forcefully take success from people and redistribute it will never work, and the harm always outweighs the good.

  4. If the Democrats are looking to eradicate every thing with a “racist history”, when will THEY confront and apologize for its own? If racist relics of the past must come down, shouldn’t we start with the Democrat Party?


    It is a historical fact that every piece of racist legislation that was
    ever passed and every racist terrorist attack that was inflicted on
    African Americans, was initiated by members of the Democratic Party.
    History shows that during the past 160 years the Democratic Party
    legislated Jim Crow laws, Black Codes and a multitude of other laws at
    the state and federal level to deny African Americans their rights as
    citizens. Congressional records show it was Democrats that strongly
    opposed the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments. These three
    Amendments were introduced by Republicans to abolish slavery, give
    citizenship to all African Americans born in the United States, and give
    Blacks the right to vote. Congressional records show that Democrats
    were opposed to passing the following laws that were introduced by
    Republicans to achieve civil rights for African Americans: Civil Rights
    Act of 1866 Reconstruction Act of 1867 Freedman Bureau Extension Act of
    1866 Enforcement Act of 1870 Force Act of 1871 Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871
    Civil Rights Act of 1875 Civil Rights Act of 1957 Civil Rights Act of
    1960 And during the 60’s many Democrats fought hard to defeat the 1964
    Civil Rights Act 1965 Voting Rights Act 1972 Equal employment
    Opportunity Act After reviewing all of the evidence, many believe
    America would have never experienced racism to the degree that it has,
    had not the Democrats promoted it.

    The DDD(DUMB DUMBER demonrats) Party started with slave owners of the
    south. The KKK was founded and run by DEMOCRATS.DEM President Woodrow
    Wilson proudly showed to his Cabinet at the White House the WHITE
    SUPREMACIST film “Birth of a Nation” which gloried the KKK. Wilson
    segregated the Federal government. The KKK rose to its zenith of power
    and respectability because of DEM Pres. Wilson.Margaret Sanger, the
    secular patron saint of the DEM Party, was a rabid RACIST WHITE
    SUPREMACIST Eugenicist who dreamed of eliminating Blacks from the human
    gene pool. LIBS looove her. All but 3 of the 24 Southern DEMS, including
    Sen. Al Gore Sr, who for RACIST reasons voted against the Civil Rights
    Act of 1964, remained lifelong DEMS as did most their children and
    grandchildren. They did not all become Right Wing Republicans. DEM
    Senator Robert Byrd, who Hillary called her mentor and the Conscious of
    the Senate,, was KKK Grand Dragon who recruited over 150 new KKK
    Klansmen. Republican party was founded to END SLAVERY and it did It
    continued through the days of LBJ and his “Great Society”. The demonrats
    still own slaves, that population that sucks up the welfare and other
    enhancements to sustain their lives with absolutely no remorse
    for taking unearned welfare. demonrats are desperate to keep these
    programs alive and increasing to enhance their voting block and make
    their welfare recipients dependent on them. As LBJ said at the signing of
    his “Great Society” legislation, “We have now secured the N vote for the
    next hundred years.” In other words, he made the
    Black/White/Red/Yellow, and Brown Population of welfare recipients
    slaves to them with no way out. You say I am WHITE PRIVILEGED I am a
    HighSchool dropout I “GET NO HANDOUTS” and “I SUCCEEDED in this GAME
    KMA with your racebaiting BS get up off your SORRY -SSES and make
    something of yourself. Break “THE demonrat STIGMA OF RACISM THEY HAVE
    “PUT” AMONG US!” The key to success in this world is to work hard and do what is right. Trying to forcefully take success from people and redistribute it will never work, and the harm always outweighs the good.

    Cancel Culture…The Democrat Party should be CANCELED because Democrats were the Slave Owners , Democrats went to WAR with the United States , Democrats ran the KKK , Democrats passed the Jim Crow Laws and put them into affect , Democrats fought the Lynching Laws , Democrats Fought against the Civil Rights acts of 1957 and 1964 , Democrats Fought Desegregation and Today’s Democrats are STILL Fighting Desegregation by Fighting School Choice …. it is the Democrats that are the racists ….Today’s “Progressive” Democrats are actually REGRESSIVE….

    So the Democrats pushed through all sorts of laws and executive orders forcing people to stay home to avoid spreading the disease … but then they effectively exempted Black Lives Matter protestors from these rules. So apparently the purpose of the rules was to protect WHITE people from catching the disease. If black people are infected and die, that’s no problem. It would seem that black lives don’t matter after all to demoPHILES!

  5. I have never seen so much hate and racist remarks in my life. I am 75 and I just want to be left in peace. I thank God everyday He has allowed me to live this long. Yes, I never missed even one election. I am your average retiree living on SS and when I hear threats that threaten the way I live, yes, I get angry. The co-pays on my meds vary from $625-$650 per month. Ding-dong’s supposed lowering drug prices has yet to reach me. Yes, you have to decide which is more important drugs or food. Without either I would not be here. By the way I am a lifetime Democrat.

  6. I think it is BLM that are black and white lazy worthless criminals. Do not work just run around destroying and killing! You people are the LAXY JERKS IN SOCIETY !

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