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Charges Dropped: The Final, Pathetic Failure of the Mueller Investigation

The Justice Department on Monday announced that they were dropping the prosecution of a Russian company previously charged with a conspiracy to fraudulently change the results of the 2016 presidential election. The charges, which were the only ones coughed up by the two-year-long Mueller investigation that had any direct bearing on Russia’s supposed “meddling” in the election, targeted Concord Management and Consulting and accused them of…well, basically paying internet trolls to spread fake stories on social media.

Yes, we’re serious. This is what the Mueller probe was ultimately all about: Trolls on Facebook who didn’t change the outcome of the election one iota. And even on that pathetic score, this probe has been a complete bust.

“Upon careful consideration of all of the circumstances, and particularly in light of recent events . . . the government has concluded that further proceedings as to Concord . . . promotes neither the interests of justice nor the nation’s security,” federal prosecutors wrote.

The prosecution of Concord was always destined to fail, of course, since the company has no business presence in the United States to begin with. Therefore, the Justice Department has no jurisdiction when it comes to doling out punishment. It was always about making a political statement: Hey, we named and shamed the guys who helped Trump beat Hillary! It was a waste of time and money and it was an embarrassment to the nation, much like the rest of the Russia hoax.

Words actually fail to fully describe what a boondoggle this whole thing was from the beginning. Trump often said that it was a “witch hunt,” but not even the misguided people of Salem wasted $30 million chasing down the heretics in their community. This was a plot of deep-state, Democratic Party revenge on President Trump, who had the audacity to up-end the usual way of politics and send Hillary Clinton packing. They would not and could not admit to themselves and the nation that the American people actually preferred Trump to Clinton. Hell, they can still barely bring themselves to acknowledge it.

Did Russia “meddle” in the 2016 election? Sure, we guess they hacked a few emails from the DNC and they tricked John Podesta into giving them access to his email account as well. Besides that, well, they posted a bunch of junk on social media that was no more influential than any other junk website or ad. Perhaps nothing in American history has ever been as overblown as this supposed “act of war” by Moscow. All because the powers-that-be were irate to see the PEOPLE take back their government.

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