Cherokee Liberal Writer to Fauxcohontas: You Won’t Have My Vote

Say what you will about author Rebecca Nagle, but she’s no conservative. Nagle describes herself, among other things, as a “two-spirit” Cherokee, meaning her gender identity does not fall neatly along the male/female spectrum. That alone is likely enough to tell you where Nagle is coming from and how much she would probably love to have a woman like Elizabeth Warren as President of the United States.

But the Cherokee side of Nagle’s heritage simple won’t allow her to support the Massachusetts senator. In a column for Huffington Post on Thursday, Nagle assured Warren that in order to attract her vote, she would have to finally and decisively stop “appropriating” an identity that doesn’t belong to her.

“On Saturday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren said she would ‘take a hard look’ at running for president in 2020. As a registered Democrat, I agree with a wide range of Warren’s policies. But as a Cherokee woman, I cannot support her until she rescinds her false claims of Cherokee and Delaware heritage,” Nagle wrote. “Her defenders may tell me she stopped publicly claiming to be Native American a long time ago. And while it is true she has edited her story to now describe her family as ‘part Native American’ and herself as a woman ‘with Native heritage,’ Warren has never stopped claiming her family is Cherokee and Delaware, despite having an enormous amount of evidence that says otherwise.”

Nagle points out that “racial identity theft” is commonly frowned on in today’s social climate, a fact that is obvious when you look at the way Rachel Dolezal was run out of the public square. But she laments the fact that Native Americans seemed to be a “cruel exception to this social rule.” She insists that Natives are more often made out to be cartoons, Halloween costumes, and jokes than real people, and that there are a whole lot more Americans claiming some form of Native ancestry than can actually prove it.

We’re not sure we fully agree with all of that, but Nagle does make an excellent point later in the piece.

“If Warren falsely claimed to be related to the queen of England or Elvis, people would dismiss her as a kook,” she wrote. “If she falsely claimed her family members were survivors of the Holocaust, she would be admonished for appropriating and diminishing a genocide. Why are easily refuted claims to Native identity treated differently?”

A good question.

And one that liberals will ultimately have to reckon with if they choose Fauxcohontas as the 2020 Democratic nominee.


Written by Andrew


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