Classless Trash: Rashida Tlaib Selling “Impeach the MF” Shirts

So far, the only thing that Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has contributed to her country is a lot of divisive political rhetoric, a healthy dose of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic nonsense, and some extremely unhinged remarks about the President of the United States. Tlaib, whose claim to fame is being one of two Muslim women in both AOC’s “Squad” and the U.S. Congress, first made waves back in January when, after being sworn in, she promised a group of supporters that they – Democrats – were going to “impeach the motherf**ker” as soon as possible. This drew widespread scorn from Republicans, (some) Democrats, and basically anyone who thinks we should expect a little better from our elected representatives.

But here we are, nine months later, and Tlaib is cashing in on her catchphrase. In conjunction with Nancy Pelosi’s initiation of a formal impeachment proceeding against Trump, her campaign is launching a line of “Impeach the MF” t-shirts. Yes, for just $29, you can own this piece of classless history and show everyone that you are just as pathetic as Rashida Tlaib.

“Lean in with me to hold this lawless President accountable. Together, we will fight back and protect our democracy,” Tlaib tweeted on Thursday. “Our country depends on it! …and yes you can even wear what you feel.”

Good to know that this impeachment is very serious and not just, you know, a way for Democrats to double up on some fundraising for next year’s elections.

One of Tlaib’s fellow congressmen from Michigan, Bill Huizenga (R-MI) said the t-shirts were inappropriate.

“Can you imagine the outrage if I had put a T-shirt together like that for impeaching President Obama?” Huizenga said. “First of all, my mother would have called me and told me, ‘Shame on you.’ Then I would have heard from my Republican colleagues asking me, ‘What in the world are you doing?’ Then I would have to face myself in the mirror and my kids and explain what’s going on, at the same time I’m getting preachy about decorum and how we need civility in politics.”

Exactly. You can’t say boo about Tlaib, AOC, or Ilhan Omar without these three hens quacking about how they’re being put in “danger.” Well, is Tlaib putting Trump in danger with this kind of inflammatory product? Oh no, we forgot. It always, always, always only goes one way.

“Rashida Tlaib’s efforts to sell pro-impeachment T-shirts shows that these inquiries are nothing more than a partisan ploy by Democrats to fill their campaign coffers and appease the radical base,” said Michigan Republican Party chair Laura Cox. “The American people deserve real results, not another witch hunt Democrats want to go through.”

Yeah, well, we’ve seen no recent evidence that the Democrats actually represent the “American people.” And this repugnant t-shirt doesn’t do anything to change our minds.

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