Clinton Backers Tired of Bernie Sanders Supporters, Tell Them to “Shut Up”

Hillary Clinton’s richest supporters are pushing back against Bernie Sanders’ supporters. The supporters which have staged protests and walked out of the convention have been told to “shut up” by wealthy donors that have backed a Clinton presidency.

Michael Clark, a Washington lobbyist and donor, stated, “They carried it too far.”

“They embarrassed Bernie at one point. They certainly embarrassed Hillary.” Clinton’s major donors remained relatively quiet during the primaries, and the DNC is the first time many donors have come forward backing Clinton. Republican Donald Trump and Sanders both carried campaigns that discussed keeping big money out of politics.

Clinton has promised to help lower the influence of money in politics this week while her donors have thrown private parties and can be seen in the Center City Ritz-Carlton. The high-end hotel restricted access to their lobby on Wednesday night to guests-only as major donors filled their lobby.

“Hell no, DNC; we won’t vote for Hillary,” could be heard outside of Center City as Sanders supporters protested.

Sanders officially backed Clinton, stating, “Based on her ideas and her leadership, Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States.”

Scott Wallace, a philanthropist that has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars, stated, “I’m very sad that some won’t take their cue from the guy they love,” in reference to supporters of Sanders.

Written by Andrew


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