Clinton Global Initiative Closing Its Doors

You’d think that having the conflict of the presidency out of the way would free Hillary and Bill Clinton to throw themselves fully into their charity work. Which is why it’s odd to see them closing the doors of the Clinton Global Initiative and sending the last 22 employees packing. What an odd time to decide that this integral component of the Clinton Foundation had served its purpose.

Or…perhaps it makes perfect sense.

According to the Daily Caller, the New York-based CGI gave their last surviving employees the pink slip this week. The last 22 members of the staff will pull their final paychecks in April as the Clinton Foundation follows through on a plan they developed when it was thought that Hillary would be president.

And it’s being seen as a matter of course that the CGI would shutter its doors, even though Hillary lost the election. Because after all, who wants to donate NOW?

But why should it matter? Is the charity’s work less potent now that Hillary and Bill are out of politics? Or was it perhaps never a legitimate charity to begin with? Was it, perhaps, just an ongoing front for the Clintons to hobknob with the rick and powerful, raise campaign donations, and further their political interests? Nooo, that couldn’t be the case.

Over the years, there’s no doubt that the Clinton Foundation did some good around the world. But make no mistake about it, “doing good” was just an ancillary benefit, secondary to the real purpose of the charity, which was to give the Clintons a network of donors and loyalists that would catapult them back into the White House. And until there emerges a new Clinton – Chelsea, maybe – who wants to run for the presidency, neither the Clintons nor their donors are interested in keeping up appearances.

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