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Democrat Operative Warns: Impeachment is a Big Fat Loser in 2020

In an interview with Fox & Friends this week, longtime Democratic Party operative Doug Schoen warned his party that moving forward with the impeachment of President Donald Trump could be the costliest political mistake Nancy Pelosi has ever made.

“I am praying for censure,” said Schoen. “It can turn what could be a loss into a certain victory. While the Democratic electorate is almost unanimously in favor of impeachment, swing voters in swing states are decidedly mixed, if not negative.”

Schoen predicted that House Democrats would stop short of a full vote on articles of impeachment.

“I think it’s very hard for them to impeach you when they have absolutely nothing,” he said. “And given that states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Florida — ones the Democrats have to win in some combination to win the presidential election — it’s hard for me to see that impeachment is anything but a very problematic issue for the party.”

Several national polls show that Democrats have not moved the needle a single inch since starting the public impeachment hearings. Despite carpet-bombing the media with stories of how “shocking” and “bombshell-filled” the testimony was and how dire the news was for President Trump, public opinion on impeachment has remained fairly steady. That means that people have already made up their minds about this circus; everything else is just window-dressing. Put another way: Democrats are wasting our time with this nonsense.

But when you drill down on state-specific polls, you see that Democrats are actually doing a little worse than that analysis implies. In the Midwest states like Wisconsin – states that the party MUST win back if they want to win the White House in 2020 – support for Trump has actually gone up since the hearings began. Simultaneously, opposition to impeachment has grown as well, leaving no doubt as to why the polls are trending in that direction.

On his program Monday, Tucker Carlson reviewed the results of a new Rasmussen Presidential Daily Tracking Poll.

“Here’s the headline: Among independents, the only group that matters in an election, support for impeachment — impeaching Trump — has dropped by 10 points since the process started,” he said. “How to explain this? In political terms, this is the Andrea Doria, a routine cruise that suddenly becomes a disaster, a debacle. They spent two weeks telling you that Donald Trump is a criminal. And by the end, more people sympathized with Donald Trump.”

If Nancy Pelosi wants to save this sinking ship, she has no choice but to pull the plug on this failed exercise in partisan war. The question is whether she can do it in a way that doesn’t completely cost her party whatever waning credibility they have with voters. This impeachment process has put her between a rock and a hard place. We all saw it coming.

Why didn’t she?

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