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Democrats are Actually Terrified of the United States Constitution

It’s funny how you could have predicted the liberal response to Brett Kavanaugh even before you knew that Trump was going to select Brett Kavanaugh. In fact, at least one feminist organization made the mistake of publishing their statement lambasting Kavanaugh without realizing they had left an “XX” placeholder in the first paragraph where the nominee’s name should have been. In other words, they wrote the entire statement before knowing who Trump was going to pick. This gives you an idea of how superficial and trivial the left’s arguments against Trump’s Supreme Court pick really are; they can be exchanged one for another without changing a word.

And that’s because Democrats don’t really have a problem with Brett Kavanaugh (or Neil Gorsuch, for that matter). No, their problem comes from a much deeper source: An abject fear of the U.S. Constitution and any judge who proclaims it to be the law of the land.

The left despises constitutional originalists like Gorsuch, Scalia, and Kavanaugh. To hear that a judge will interpret the Constitution “as written” is a shot of kryptonite to liberals, who think it is a judge’s duty to interpret the Constitution through the lens of modern-day America. Through the lens of “progress.” Through the lens of trends. Through the lens of previous liberal court rulings.

It is not surprising that they feel this way, because this kind of “make it up as you go along” court activism is exactly how they got some of their most bizarre (and cherished) rulings. Roe v. Wade, Obergefell v. Hodges, to name but a couple. These are rulings based not on any sound reading of the Constitution but rather on what felt good at the time. But the left takes these rulings and runs with them, making absurd, obscene statements about Americans’ “constitutional right” to gay marriage and abortion. No such right exists in the REAL Constitution, and that’s why liberals are so terrified of a judge who will base his decisions largely on that hallowed text.

Leftists are correctly concerned that they are getting ready to lose some of these “rights” that the Supreme Court has awarded them over the last fifty years. That’s because those rights are nonsense…not really rights at all, but instead, faulty, fallacious decisions made by outright liberals and spineless conservatives who could not bear to simply say, “No.” The Supreme Court as it will exist after Kavanaugh is confirmed may not be quite so ready to affirm those earlier, terrible decisions. We may see a hard shift – not to the “right,” as liberals claim to worry, but to the center. The center of our Republic: The U.S. Constitution.

For liberals, that’s a nightmare.


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